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“UnLearn: The Show” Exceeds 2 Million Viewer Minutes
Controversial Online Talk Show From Richard Woods, Author, Public Speaker and Socio/Political Satirist and Commentarian, Celebrates Viewership Milestone

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Rich Woods, left, and Cigars & Scotch, right.
Cigars & Scotch, left, and Rich Woods, Right.
Rich Woods, left, and Cigars & Scotch, right.

Richard Woods is the author of “UnLearn! Because Life Can Make You Stupid,” the controversial treatise where Woods bluntly shares his non-traditional thoughts on the self-help industry, marriage, monogamy, political correctness, and morality.

June 2, 2010, Monmouth County, New Jersey:UnLearn: The Show®”, the controversial weekly treatise from Rich Woods, author of “UnLearn! Because Life Can Make You Stupid,” where he bluntly shares his non-traditional thoughts on the self-help industry, marriage, monogamy, political correctness, and morality, proudly announces it has exceeded 2 million viewer minutes. 

UnLearn: The Show” is an innovative forum where Rich and his co-host, Cigars & Scotch, the sensational, if not fanatical, contributing comedic caller best known to fans of XM/Sirius' Opie and Anthony Show, as well as the Ron & Fez show, amplify the fun in America’s dysfunctions. 

With 2 million viewer minutes and counting, fans of Rich and Cigars & Scotch continually devour and relish their no-holds-barred approach to tackling the absurdity of current events, so-called statistical facts, societal norms, while discarding political correctness, and continually building upon a rock solid freedom of speech foundation.  Their sole mission is to dispense brutally honest and gut-wrenching opinions, based upon real-world experiences, facts, knowledge, and – especially - the primary component that has been missing from the mainstream media for decades, The Truth, delivered with all the subtlety of a freight train careening through a maternity ward. 

According to Rich Woods, “Since launching ‘UnLearn: The Show’ in April 2009, we have increased our fan base steadily every week.  The interactive online forum, which allows viewers to contribute to the live show in real-time, with questions, commentary, feedback and other blathering, makes the already wild, ad-libbed program format that much more entertaining and edgy.  Moreover, there has been a steady increase in viewership of the archived programs, as well.  Not only are the ever-increasing viewership numbers proving the year-old show is entertaining and appealing, but we’ve also seen an increase in advertising.  I’m confident that ‘UnLearn: The Show’ is going to be a break-out hit in 2010, as I’m beginning to field calls from an assortment of broadcast and cable TV entities.” 

Join Rich and Cigars & Scotch for “Unlearn: The Show®, Live on Tuesdays, beginning 7:00 p.m., EST.  Broadcast details can be found at: - For more info or celebrity guest booking inquiries, please contact Rich Woods directly, or tel: 732-690-8794


For more info, please contact Christopher Buttner, contact info above.