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For Rainbow Quartz Records, Sirius Satellite Radio is “Critically Integral” to Artist and Label Exposure, Success and Growth.

November 28, 2005 : New York, NY – Jim McGarry, President and Founder of Rainbow Quartz Records, a leading international independent record label specializing in melodic and psychedelic guitar rock and pop, cites Sirius Satellite Radio as one of the most critically integral components for increased artist and label exposure and CD sales.   In an era where freeform music radio, once critical in breaking new music and artists, is almost completely extinct from corporate terrestrial FM radio programming, Sirius Satellite Radio as become a musical smorgasbord where listeners can feast on a veritable limitless cornucopia of new acts and music 24/7/365.

Little Steven Van Zandt
Rainbow Quartz recording artists, The Grip Weeds.
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And Jim McGarry couldn't be happier.

“The Underground Garage Channel,” according to Jim, “has become critical to breaking numerous new bands, I couldn't have imagined it only a few short years ago.”

"Rainbow Quartz is one of the grooviest new labels.   They've made a significant contribution to the Underground Garage format," states Little Steven.

Launched in mid-2002 on terrestrial FM radio and now syndicated to on 143 radio stations in 200 markets in the US, Canada and Europe, Little Steven's Underground Garage is hosted by the lead guitarist of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, Little Steven Van Zandt, aka: Silvio Dante: Little Steven's character on HBO's ‘The Sopranos.'

During the two hour FM radio program, Little Steven mixes the best of older garage-rock and pop from established bands and brand new signed and unsigned up-and-coming bands, many fresh from their garage rehearsal spaces, all of whom play neo-psychedelic /rock and pop.   Since the programs inception, it has captured over a million regular weekly listeners.   In 2004, Little Steven's Underground Garage also caught the attention of Sirius Satellite Radio executives and he was retained as the creative consultant for his own 24/7 satellite radio channel, which launched on Channel 25 as the Underground Garage Channel in the summer of 2004, with Little Steven at the helm as program director.   Now, Little Steven's Underground Garage Channel is a premier satellite radio station that features the coolest DJs in the world, hand-picked by Little Steven himself, to expose the masses to music that still goes relatively ignored by corporate FM radio.

The increased profile of Little Steven's Underground Garage Channel on Sirius has also allowed Little Steven to broaden the programming.   Jim says, “Little Steven has hand-selected some of the most musically knowledgeable DJs in the world, and each four hour program is more impressive then the next complete with diverse and continuous music, music news and artist interviews.”  

While AAA FM Radio is extremely supportive of Rainbow Quartz artists, Jim states.   “Little Steven's Underground Garage Channel has become a huge driving force in exposing countless new bands and independent labels.    I can frequently hear numerous Rainbow Quartz recording artists played on a single four hour Underground Garage Channel program, such as Outrageous Cherry, The Contrast, The High Dials, Cotton Mather, The Shazam and The Grip Weeds interspersed with Oasis, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, White Stripes and The Strokes.   Additionally, at least one brand new Rainbow Quartz artist and a track from a new Rainbow Quartz release are played almost every week on the Underground Garage Channel.”  

What is also remarkable about Sirius Satellite radio, Jim points out, is the range of reception and clarity of its commercial-free music programming.   It's no secret that FM radio stations fade out in 50 to 70 miles away from their broadcast point, or in the case of hilly and valleyed areas like San Francisco, FM reception five miles from the broadcast tower can be unintelligible or, worse, non-existent.  

However, with Sirius, Jim receives his favorite Underground Garage Channel uninterrupted and delivered with digital clarity anywhere in the United States, regardless if he is at his home in New York City or at his favorite vacation destination in The Hamptons, even as far away as the Caribbean.

Jim points out, “With 3 million people subscribing to Sirius by the end of 2005, I believe the industry projections of 35 million Sirius Satellite radio subscribers by 2010 is very realistic, if not conservative.”

In conclusion, Jim says, “Right now, Rainbow Quartz is riding high on Sirius Satellite thanks to Little Steven's Underground Garage Channel.   To my knowledge, there is no other independent record label that receives such comprehensive and consistent satellite radio exposure to millions of new alternative rock music fans worldwide.   We at Rainbow Quartz thank Little Steven profusely for the exposure and we carry the Underground Garage Channel flag for Sirius, as well as for Rainbow Quartz's wonderful brand of guitar rock, with equal enthusiasm.   We're grateful for the support of Little Steven, the Underground Garage Channel and Sirius in exposing listeners around the world to a taste of the best new music available, regardless if it's by Rainbow Quartz artists or artists from any other label.”

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