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Bra Bridge and Stuffed Bears Drive Z-93 FM's Breast Cancer Awareness Month Promotions

Mallory, from WGTZ-FM, Dayton, Ohio's Number One Hit Music Station, Z-93's morning team, Mallory and Campy, gets some love from a few of Tyler Hope Pets.

October 30, 2007 (Dayton, OH) WGTZ-FM, Dayton, Ohio's Number One Hit Music Station, Z-93 launched a wide range of entertaining and effective promotions and contests involving bras, bridges and bears during October in order to shed light on the serious subject of breast cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   Morning show hosts, Mallory and Campy, teamed up with listener volunteers, some of which are breast cancer survivors, to pin pink ribbons on bras and hang them on the Riverside-Monument bridge.   For the first part of October, the station collected bras for the event, which were assembled at a 'bra bridge building party' on Tuesday, October 16 th, and then hung on the bridge on Thursday morning, October 18th.  

In contests from October 22 nd to the 31st, 10 lucky listeners enter to win Tyler Hope Stuffed Animals for Women, with a massage oil candle, which were donated to the radio station by Tyler Hope Pets.   5% of all Tyler Hope Bear sales generated from the Dayton marketplace through Tyler Hope's website,, during October and November, will be donated in Z-93's name to the Ohio chapters of leading cancer charities.  

Additional Tyler Hope Bears, with massage candle, were also made available at a wholesale price of $35.00 each, to Z-93's lingerie and adult novelty shop advertisers so they could develop and participate in an expanded matching dollar-for-dollar charity program extended through November.   For every Tyler Hope Bear with massage oil candle sold at $35.00 to Z-93's lingerie and adult novelty shop advertisers, Tyler Hope not only donated 5% of the proceeds to cancer charities in Z-93's name, but also donated a maximum of 15 additional free Bears to Z-93 for continued charity promotions.

"One of the reasons I'm doing this is personal experience with breast cancer in my family," Tyler Hope CEO, Kirk Salvador said.   "I've seen dramatic effects of how devastating breast cancer can be to a family but also how much hope and comfort research and awareness can bring."

Salvador said Tyler Hope Pets permits him to combine business with his passion for charity work.   In July, 200 Tyler Hope Bears were donated for a domestic abuse charity function at the Playboy Mansion, and Tyler Hope will continue to offer additional radio stations the opportunity to participate in their 'Breast Cancer Awareness Bears' giveaway program through November.  

Scott Mallory, of Z-93's Mallory and Campy Morning Z Program said, "It's said that if everyone in the country donated only 5% of their income to charity, we'd abolish poverty, famine and disease in a few shorts years.   The fact that Tyler Hope Pets is actually doing that is commendable, and it's a pleasure for Z-93 to be working with such a philanthropic company."

The snuggly soft plush Tyler Hope Bears provide the perfect hiding place for all of the secrets that a woman would like to keep discretely out of sight.   Tyler Hope's Pets have an unseen pocket that quietly snaps shut to keep a woman's most private possessions under wraps.   Each Tyler Hope Bear with massage oil candle carries an average suggested list price of $89.95.

Each month Tyler Hope's Pets chooses and highlights an organization that does outstanding work in improving the health and well-being of women.   Radio stations wishing to participate in this or other charity promotions, or to be considered for the Charity/Organization of the Month, please contact Kirk Salvador at

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