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TechSpa Introduces Telephone Paging System for Hotels, Resorts and Multi-Zone Facilities

May 14, 2007 - Winter Park, Florida - TechSpa, the number one in-demand software-programming consultancy in the systems integration industry, is proud to introduce the Announcer Telephone Paging System for hotels, resorts, convention centers, hospitals, shopping malls, and other multi-zone facilities.   TechSpa developed the Announcer Telephone Paging System in response to the needs of system integrators and end-users seeking an infinitely customizable, flexible-yet-intuitive paging system offering a wide range of features and benefits.   The Announcer Paging System, which can be expanded per the application's requirements, works on any commercial/industrial rack-mounted or desktop PC and easily interfaces with multiple phone lines via the proprietary modem and soundcard.  

A user calling into Announcer via an internal or external phone line, as well as a cell phone, after entering a pre-assigned password, is guided through a series of prompts to record, schedule and send pages either to a specific zone, or zones, or facility-wide.   A wide range of user-programmable operating features and permission sets allows the programmer to limit priority levels and paging functions to employees, executives and security personnel.   For example, a standard 411 page allows certain employees to only broadcast general information pages at a low priority level, while higher ranking employees, executives and/or security personal have greater access to Announcer's feature hierarchy.   Announcer offers 99 priority levels per zone, and each user can be custom-assigned a greater or limited number of visual and functional accessibility permissions.

Pages can be infinitely scheduled and the user can upload customized WAVE files for themed and/or entertainment-oriented messages featuring music, sound effects, etc.   Pages and messages are retained in Announcer infinitely once they are in the system or they can be programmed to self-delete based upon the user's desired settings.

Additionally, Announcer features Never Clip Technology, which stacks messages to prevent message-clipping and insures that all important messages are played in their entirety, without interruption.   The system can be configured so that high priority messages can override lower priority messages, and based upon the configured priority structure, Announcer determines page order playback.   With Never Clip, Announcer never overrides messages of the same priority level and messages cannot play simultaneously in the same zone.   In the event that all pages cannot be played in a specific window of time, scheduled pages can time-out based upon priority.

Announcer also allows complete customization of workflow per telephone line.   This allows the system to be configured to use different languages, different prompts ("Enter Access code," "PIN please?," etc.), and respond differently to different phone numbers that may be used to call into the system.

The simplicity of the Announcer GUI is derived partly from the expandable control feature sets, which can be customized for any specific application by TechSpa technicians prior to installation and expandable thereafter by the integrator.  

TechSpa can configure and ship the Announcer Paging System as a standalone software package, or as a pre-installed package on a commercial/industrial rack-mount computer so the integrator doesn't have to waste time installing software and the sound card.   The system is expandable; so, the facility can add as many zones and telephone inputs as required to suit the application.

To save the integrator time and additional expense, each Announcer Paging System is configured for its application by TechSpa personnel per the integrators specific instructions.   Most orders for the Announcer Telephone Paging System can ship in as little as one week from date of order.

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