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The Vikings of Louisiana Seek Conquest with Technomad Loudspeakers.

April 13, 2005 , Bossier City, Louisiana - Airline High School recently installed a Technomad Loudspeaker system in their 8,000-seat Airline Vikings Football Stadium as part of a massive facility upgrade.    

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Airline High School in Bossier City, Louisiana takes its football seriously.   The high school's Airline Vikings Football stadium seats 8,000-people for home games and during the football season, every seat in the house is filled.   Additionally, the all-purpose field is used year-round for Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, and graduation ceremonies.

Clarity of game and play announcements and moral boosting, full spectrum music is a critical component to winning any at-home game, therefore the sound system had to be diverse enough to meet the demands of the various types of field events.   Additionally, the sound system would have to be a low-maintenance, long-term investment designed to serve countless future games and graduating classes.

Pat Divietro of Airline High School, who supervised the installation of the new sound system, points out, "Remember, this is Louisiana!   During the summers, we have over 45 days at over 100 degrees.   In the fall, it will rain for 2-1/2 weeks straight and during the winter months its freezing rain.   Additionally, at ANYTIME of year, the humidity hovers at about at 95%."

Truly, Louisiana is famous for conditions that would obliterate any mere outdoor loudspeaker in a matter of months.

Pat selected a QSC-powered Technomad Loudspeaker sound system to fulfill the project requirements.   Four Technomad Berlin 15/2 full range loudspeakers were selected to replace a dilapidated 70-volt system that according to Pat, "Was the butt of jokes for years."

The 500-watt Technomad Berlin loudspeaker is loaded with a 15-inch proprietary weather-resistant bass driver and a 2-inch compression driver loaded onto a 70° X 70° horn.   The driver components are protected behind a three-layer, acoustically transparent grill that keeps out driving rain, ice and hail.    The Mil-Spec, 3/4-inch thick rotomolded loudspeaker cabinet is backed by a ten year warranty against all weather conditions and elements.

The four Berlin loudspeakers are mounted on the roof of the massive press box behind the home team's bleachers, with two Berlins in each corner of the roof.   The outer-most Berlin cabinets are angled ever so slightly to provide complete sound coverage of the entire field area, as well as the visitor bleacher seats on the far side of the field.

Pat continues, "Two QSC 2.0HV's power the Technomad Berlin loudspeakers with 750 watts each into 8 ohms.   From the mixer, the signal is run through a Behringer digital crossover for EQ and limiting and the system is protected by a Furman Sound ASD-120 AC sequenced power distro.   Simple, self-sufficient, sounds great."

Pat concludes, "The new Technomad sound system covers the home side spectators with high-fidelity audio output and also delivers accurate announcements and music to the visitor's side, as well.   There's not a bad seat in the house."

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