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Technomad Loudspeakers Perform on the Las Vegas Strip for Half a Decade.

October 4, 2005 : Las Vegas, Nevada - Installed as part of a massive rebuild of "Bugsy Siegel's" Flamingo Casino, the first of the glittering Las Vegas Strip casinos, Technomad Vernal 15-T loudspeakers have been shrugging off the punishing summer sun and heat and winter cold and rain for half a decade.   According to Peter Chachere of Las Vegas' Mojave Systems, the leading systems integration firm that installed the Technomad loudspeakers on the facade of the Flamingo Casino, "They sound as perfect as when we first turned them on five years ago."

A Technomad Vernal 15-T Loudspeaker installed on the facade of the legendary Flamingo Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Established in 1996, Mojave Systems, the low voltage systems integration division of Mojave Electric, specializes in the design, build and installation of audio, video and voice and data systems.   The firm has serviced countless Las Vegas Casino Resorts and businesses, including the design and installation of the fiber optics systems for the newly completed Las Vegas Monorail system.

Mojave Systems' sales and purchasing manager Peter Chachere has a unique understanding of his client's needs based upon an extensive 30-year background in music, show production and pro audio sales and systems design and installation.  

Peter Chachere is a man with impeccable credentials, so when he talks of his satisfaction with certain brands of audio equipment, his word is golden.   A student of both the Conservatory of Music of Barcelona, Spain and the Conservatory of Liceo of Barcelona, Peter's complete understanding of music far outstrips that of his competitors.   After several additional years of formal education in electronics, Peter states, "No sooner did I graduate then I found out l liked what was happening behind the scenes more than that of actually being a performer.   I got very involved in entertainment production, artist management and audio systems design."

Peter's understanding of the emerging technologies used in live theater production at the time, such as intelligent lighting, digital audio, rigging, multimedia, and staging, lead him and his business partner to begin designing and installing theater sound systems throughout Europe.   As his career developed, Peter gravitated towards professional audio equipment sales and international distribution before he wound up in Las Vegas in 1998 to manage Mojave Systems.

Mojave Systems installed 11 Technomad Vernal15-T loudspeakers, powered by QSC Audio CS204V power amps, every 15 to 20-feet along the casino's full Las Vegas Strip-length.   Program material, which runs 24/7/365, is fed to the Technomad Vernal 15-T loudspeakers from the house system.   Peter notes that the Technomad Vernal 15-T loudspeakers deliver impressive full-range and uniform music coverage along the entire sidewalk area in spite of the high level of automotive and pedestrian noise coming directly off the Las Vegas Strip.

Appropriately enough, the Flamingo Resort is also home to a flock of live Chilean Flamingos and a collection of more than 300 other birds in the authentic Wildlife Habitat.   Consisting of fishponds and foliage imported from around the world, this moist and damp environment can be as equally adverse to loudspeakers as the weather along the Las Vegas Strip.   Six Technomad Vernal15-T loudspeakers, again powered by a QSC Audio CX204V power amp, deliver both background music and live spoken word program material by wildlife specialists who perform five presentations per day, everyday of the year.

"We've never had a negative result with Technomad loudspeakers," concludes Peter.   "Anywhere the Technomads have been installed, it's one of the few product lines where the results have always been extremely positive.   The product is extremely reliable under the very worst of conditions and the fidelity is of the utmost quality."   (END - 574-words).

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