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Leading Innovative Loudspeaker Manufacturer, Technomad Inc., Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

October 22, 2005 , Boston, Massachusetts - Technomad Inc., the Award-Winning manufacturer of weather resistant, high-powered, high-fidelity professional loudspeakers is proud to announce the company's tenth anniversary.   Founded in 1995 in Northampton, Massachusetts, Technomad Inc., dramatically altered the professional loudspeaker industry by introducing the first-ever full line of highly musical Mil-Spec loudspeaker systems specifically designed for all-weather and highly abusive mobile and installation applications.   Combining super-rugged, U.S. Armed Forces road case technology with a number of acoustic innovations, Technomad loudspeakers are very powerful, musically accurate, compact and durable.

Universal Studio's Jurassic Park's star attraction, T-Rex. The inset image shows a close-up of the Technomad loudspeaker with water pouring over it at a rate of 5,000 gallons per minute.
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Technomad was thrust into the limelight when pro audio industry trade publications PRO SOUND NEWS and SYSTEMS CONTRACTOR NEWS called Technomad "One of the Hottest Products of 1995," MIX Magazine stated, "Top Product of the 1995 AES Expo," and the readers of LIVE SOUND INTERNATIONAL Magazine voted Technomad loudspeakers "The Best New Technology of 1996."   Soon after, Technomad loudspeakers were installed in high-profile, critical listening applications including prestigious cruise ships, theme parks including Universal Studios and Disney, sports stadiums, outdoor entertainment venues, as well as other harsh environment fixed system and mobile applications in military, government and the private sectors all over the world.

Technomad expanded its product line to include a wide range of contractor-friendly, installation-oriented models offering Technomad's weatherproof reliability in sleek 'architect friendly' cabinet designs.

Lauded by systems integrators desperate for a solution for all-weather audio applications, Technomad quickly became the recognized leader in all-weather and harsh environment loudspeaker systems.   With Technomad's success, many other loudspeaker manufacturers soon recognized the glaring industry omission of all-weather high-fidelity loudspeakers as a specialized product category.   Many manufacturers quickly followed suit, designing similar products, but none have yet to achieve Technomad's innovative weather-resistant characteristics, audio reproduction quality and robust, near-indestructible construction.

Additionally, Technomad loudspeakers offer many unique features and benefits not available from any other loudspeaker manufacturer at any price, including one-piece polyethylene cabinets manufactured from 20% recycled material, ATA III-rated self-casing cabinets, acoustically transparent three-layer speaker grills that prevent water entry, corrosion resistant cabinet hardware, and the ability to be installed in direct contact with water, mist and vapor.

Moreover, no other weather resistant loudspeaker manufacturer offers such an impressive product warranty.   Technomad's 10/5/2 warranty covers all Technomad loudspeaker models in the following manner: Ten year unconditional warranty against all manufacturer defects on Technomad's Military Specification 810F polyethylene loudspeaker cabinets, five years coverage on external Mil-Spec hardware, including flyware, latches, strikes, handles, etc., and Technomad's proprietary weatherized electronics, crossovers, attenuator networks, drivers, wiring, connectors, etc., are warranted against manufacturer's defects for a period of two years.

Technomad loudspeaker products feature True-Bass™ Tuning, which allows deeper bass response, as well as greater fidelity, power and efficiency from a smaller loudspeaker cabinet.   Technomad loudspeakers are extremely EQ compliant and offer the user unrivaled control over every type of program material, through the entire frequency spectrum, regardless if it's recorded or live music, spoken word, sound effects, etc.   Offering outstanding throw and projection, along with wide dispersion, Technomad loudspeakers feature integrally designed-in weatherproofing that does not compromise acoustic performance - a common problem with competitive "weatherized" loudspeaker products.

In 2003, Technomad introduced a line of purpose-built PA systems for mobile use and permanent installation, which have proven highly popular for sports facilities and portable sound applications.   These pre-integrated PA systems are delivered ready to use, and feature Technomad loudspeakers with a matched amplifier, mixer, microphone, flight case, tripod stands or wall-mount brackets, and speaker cables.

All Technomad loudspeakers are available in 8-ohm and 70-Volt versions and they are available in a multitude of cabinet colors.   (END – 583-words).

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