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John Petrucci Releases First Solo CD: SUSPENDED ANIMATION

New York, NY - April 18, 2005 - John Petrucci is proud to announce the release of his first solo CD, SUSPENDED ANIMATION, on the Sound Mind Music label.   John is considered to be the foremost up-and-coming solo instrumental guitarist and composer on the contemporary music scene, as well as the founder of the rock band DREAM THEATER.   John will be performing tracks from SUSPENDED ANIMATION on the forthcoming May 2005 G3 Tour of Japan with legendary guitarists Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

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SUSPENDED ANIMATION features eight instrumental tracks written and produced by John, recorded by long-time DREAM THEATER engineer Doug Oberkircher, and mixed by Kevin Shirley, whose studio credits include Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Iron Maiden, and Bon Jovi.   John has co-produced many DREAM THEATER albums and his highly evolved production skills are evident on SUSPENDED ANIMATION.   John's debut effort takes the listener on a journey through musical soundscapes with his signature shredding combined with melodic compositions that are sure to delight his DREAM THEATER fans, as well as new listeners.   As one reviewer stated in describing SUSPENDED ANIMATION; "Adjectives escape me."

SUSPENDED ANIMATION spotlights the brilliance of Dreg's bassist Dave LaRue and drummer Dave DiCenso who lay down an incredibly thick rhythm foundation for John's guitar acrobatics.   The track TUNNEL VISION features a special appearance by drummer/remixer Tony Verderosa, who added a distinctive progressive/electronica vibe to the tune.   After a few listens, one is hard pressed to recall other such brilliantly composed, performed, and produced power trio studio efforts.  

John's mix of insanely intricate guitar riffs, brilliant songwriting and instinctive sense of melody has earned him praise and respect in the international guitar community.   John's influences fuse the speed and dexterity of Steve Vai and Steve Morse with the melodic phrasing of Joe Satriani and the esoteric flair of Alex Lifeson to create his own unique, identifiable signature guitar style.  

With legions of rabid fans that consider him the new guitar icon for the 21 st century, John's compositions and playing on SUSPENDED ANIMATION represents a razor edged rediscovery of the limitless boundaries of the electric guitar.   Additionally, SUSPENDED ANIMATION is sure to have aficionados of brilliant guitar playing hitting the back button on their CD player, time-and-time again, wondering, "cripes, how on Earth did John do that?"

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1 Jaws of Life
2 Glasgow Kiss
3 Tunnel Vision
4 Wishful Thinking
5 Damage Control
6 Curve
7 Lost Without You
8 Animate-Inanimate