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The staff of Stiernberg Consulting.
(L-R) John Stiernberg, Jeanne Stiernberg,
and Yesenia Martinez.

Stiernberg Consulting Celebrates Tenth Anniversary.
Consultancy Continues to Thrive Through Clientele’s Successes.

March 10, 2003 - Sherman Oaks, California – Stiernberg Consulting, founded April 1, 1993, by company president John Stiernberg, will celebrate its tenth anniversary April 1, 2003, as one of the leading strategic planning consultancies servicing the entertainment technology industry. Stiernberg Consulting’s clients learn to self-sufficiently diversify, seek new opportunities and thrive in these difficult economic times thanks to implementing the consultancy’s Applied Strategic Planning and Competitive Market Intelligence Systems.

Stiernberg Consulting’s core clientele consists of entertainment technology product manufacturers, trade associations, manufacturers rep organizations, systems integration firms, and publishers of trade periodicals addressing the audio, video, lighting, accessories, music, and systems integration market segments. Stiernberg Consulting has also worked on unique assignments with investors, overseas manufacturers seeking to break into the U.S. marketplace, and even other consulting firms.

Stiernberg Consulting’s Applied Strategic Planning programs help their clients develop business and marketing plans (should no plans exist), as well as implement the plans once they are developed. For clients with existing or partial plans, the company will help improve, optimize and implement new elements like product launches, organizational changes, or channel-focused business programs. Stiernberg Consulting works deep behind the scenes, reporting to the owner, president, CEO, Executive VP, Division Manager or other executives who have decision making capabilities and are empowered to of move plans forward. Stiernberg Consulting’s competitive edge is its strategic--as opposed to tactical--focus. Stiernberg’s consultants and staff teach their clients how to develop and implement marketing plans and programs themselves as opposed to the consultancy doing all the work for the clients.

Additionally, Stiernberg Consulting’s Competitive Market Intelligence System (CMIS) helps provide Opportunity Analysis and Executive Briefings for their clients. CMIS can provide deep analysis of a product category, market segment, channel of distribution or other elements of the client’s business. An example of a CMIS Opportunity Analysis would be determining if a manufacturer of professional audio equipment should enter the residential audio market. In such a scenario, Stiernberg would provide the client market data and guide them through the process of how to apply the knowledge. The most important aspect of Stiernberg Consulting’s CMIS Opportunity Analysis is to understand the client’s business well enough to facilitate the client’s implementation of the information gained.

A second key point about Market Intelligence is Stiernberg Consulting trains the client in how to develop their own internal Competitive Market Intelligence System, consisting of tools and databases within a company so the client can maintain their CMIS on an ongoing basis. Principal consultant Jeanne Stiernberg heads up the CMIS program and states, "Our clients appreciate the fact that we live and breathe their industry. We're not like the typical consultant or market research firm that has good business skills but needs months of learning curve before they can help someone in music or entertainment technology."

John Stiernberg states, “What separates Stiernberg Consulting from the purely tactical consultants and independent contractors, is that every Stiernberg project goal is to equip our clients to do strategic planning and market intelligence on their own and make them self sufficient long term, with our guidance. That point is addressed even before our consultancy is engaged by the client.”

What about the next ten years? The entertainment technology manufacturing industry is made up of 4,000 manufacturers, 100 publishers, and 50 trade associations, therefore it’s safe to say Stiernberg Consulting has only really begun to scratch the surface of what the firm can offer the industry. Over the past ten years, Stiernberg Consulting has built a proven methodology of how to successfully provide strategic planning and market intelligence in the music and entertainment technology industry. The consultancy continues to grow, adding experienced, industry veterans to the staff and network of business specialists.

While projects can range from a few days or weeks to 12-month contracts, Mr. Stiernberg adds, “We take pride in the fact that once a client, always a client.”


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