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Guitar legend used amplifier on recent European tours
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May 1, 2003, PEAVEY INT'L. HEADQUARTERS—Peavey Electronics Corporation could not have picked a more deserving winner in its Steve Morse/5150 giveaway. New York investment banker-by-day, singer/guitarist-by-night and longtime Steve Morse fan David Grimaldi (pictured right with Steve Morse, left), won a one-of-a-kind, autographed 5150® II guitar amplifier head in a drawing through and

"I used this amp on many dates with Deep Purple, thanks to Peavey's worldwide support," said Morse, who signed the amp after using it while touring the U.K and mainland Europe. "I like to keep my amps 'stock,' so I can use any off-the-shelf amp without having a big difference in sound." It also means that any guitarist can plug into any 5150 II and get Morse's tone just by twisting a few knobs.

Grimaldi has seen Morse perform in various bands—among them the Dixie Dregs, the Steve Morse Band and Kansas—a total of nine times, and already had tickets for an April 25 Dixie Dregs show at B. B. King's Blues Club when Peavey contacted him. After the concert, Grimaldi finally got the chance to meet the legendary guitarist, and three days later found this piece of rock 'n' roll history on his doorstep.

"The 5150 II is more powerful than any amp I've ever played," said Grimaldi. "I was pleasantly surprised." While the singer/guitarist now plays most of his gigs in coffeehouses, he's no stranger to cranking up and rocking out. His neighbors may have some choice words, though. "You barely have to put it past 'one' to practice with it."

Volume aside, Grimaldi said he was very impressed with the tonal range of the three-channel 5150 II. "I use the clean channel the most, but I like the different distorted tones I can get out of the other channels," he said. "I can have full-on metal distortion if I want, or I can have variations on that by switching between the lead and crunch channels. You can change it around in different ways. I can even use the lead channel as a soloing boost."

Peavey often hosts product giveaways through its website,, and is currently offering a Raptor® Plus electric guitar autographed by members of San Francisco-based hard rock band Systematic. The band is currently supporting its second Elektra Records release, Pleasure to Burn, on the road with Powerman 5000 and fellow Peavey endorsers Stone Sour, and recently completed the Peavey-sponsored spring 2003 Jägermeister Music Tour.

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