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BOSTON, MA, September 5, 2002—When it came to writing a hit song, John Lennon had a gift. The Songs of John Lennon: The Beatles Years, from Berklee Press, is the first-ever musical analysis of Lennon’s talent from a songwriting perspective. Author John Stevens explores Lennon’s genius with a guided tour through twenty-five of his greatest hits during the Beatles era. Stevens explains Lennon’s intuitive talent from a technical point of view, through the lens of songwriting’s three basic elements: melody, harmony, and lyric.

Through an in-depth analysis of John Lennon’s music, Stevens shows how Lennon fashioned songs that were at once politically and socially relevant during the 1960s, yet remain ageless and timeless today. There are many books on all aspects of John Lennon’s life, but until now, there has never been a text that honors Lennon’s most important contribution—his music.

Pop artist Marshall Crenshaw offers a hearty endorsement for The Songs of John Lennon. “You’ve got the Beatles’ records and the John Lennon records; now, with this book, you can have the Owner’s Manual. This will tell you hoe the songs are built and how they work. Good stuff.”
The book features a musical analysis of Lennon’s greatest hits, including:

About the Author:
John Stevens, a songwriting professor at Berklee College of Music since 1976, is acclaimed for his insight into the life and music of John Lennon. For more than twenty years, he has taught “The Music of John Lennon,” one of the most popular courses in the Berklee curriculum. Stevens is also a member of “The Blue Meanies,” an all-Beatles band in which he sings all the Lennon vocals and plays all the Lennon guitar work.

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