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February 6, 2003 – VENICE, CALIFORNIA – Frank Serafine’s impressive credits as a film score composer and sound designer run far and wide in Hollywood. Any movie buff who has seen the Academy Award-nominated TRON, the Academy Award-winning THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, STAR TREK-THE MOVIE, STAR TREK-THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, VIRTUOSITY, BRAINSTORM, FIELD OF DREAMS, SHORT CIRCUIT, and LAWNMOWER MAN has heard, and is intimately familiar with, Frank’s handiwork.

For over a year, Frank Serafine has been using the Peavey kosmos® to add definition and clarity to the low-end of his surround-sound mixes. The Peavey kosmos is an innovative low frequency energy and stereo image enhancement system that produces a planet rattling low-end while adding clarity and definition to any audio source. Applications for the kosmos processor are virtually limitless, from individual instruments to live mixes to pre-recorded audio.

Frank recently upgraded to the new KOSMOS PRO, an expanded version of the award-winning original kosmos unit. The KOSMOS PRO surpasses the original with new sound control options such as STRATOS, which adds clarity to the upper high register, and Barometric Shift, which tunes the XPANSE range. Other new controls include a Deeper switch for altering the THUD range and a Dynamics control for tailoring QUAKE for tight or loose response. Switchable Input/Output meters make matching levels simple and accurate.

Always on the lookout for cutting-edge digital and analog signal processing products, Serafine notes, “The KOSMOS PRO is the best and most versatile tool for sub-harmonic frequency generation that I’ve come across in my 22-years in the sound design business. It gives me a great deal of control over my mixes and removes a lot of the EQ-ing I used to have to do.”

Serafine makes use of the KOSMOS PRO’s unique Quake and Thud controls remarking, “The kosmos allows me to generate the sub-harmonic frequencies I need to fatten up the bass and control the ballistics of those frequencies. With just the twist of a knob, the KOSMOS PRO also makes it very easy to tighten up the bass response to get more punch.”

Regarding the KOSMOS PRO’S diverse applications, Serafine continues, “I recently worked on a movie called CROSSING THE LINE, which featured an upfront hip-hop tune. After hearing the original recording the director decided that the tune needed additional bass. We used the KOSMOS PRO to go back and add more bass after the fact, in more of a mastering application, and the director loved it!

Beyond professional applications, the KOSMOS PRO would be great for home theater systems in order to control the sub-woofer bass sound for a particular room. DVDs basically come with a pre-set amount of bass in the .1 track of a 5.1 surround-sound mix, but it’s not necessarily right for every room. The KOSMOS PRO would allow home users to fine-tune the sub output and scale it for their living room.”



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