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Jim McGarry, president and founder of Rainbow Quartz Records, a leading independent record label based in New York City.
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NOVEMBER 28, 2005, NEW YORK, NY: Rainbow Quartz Records (, a leading international independent record label specializing in melodic and psychedelic guitar rock and pop, is proud to announce that it has signed an exclusive international distribution agreement with Redeye Distribution (, a leading provider of business-to-business supply chain management solutions to the home entertainment marketplace.   Under this new agreement, Redeye Distribution, a multi-award winning distributor of independent labels in the U.S., will distribute Rainbow Quartz products to retailers both nationally and internationally allowing broader consumer access to Rainbow Quartz artists and their music.

According to Jim McGarry, president of Rainbow Quartz Records, “With Redeye Distribution's new international expansion, and with hubs in both North Carolina and London, England, rather than dealing with 12 or 15 separate distributors and joint venture companies around the world, Rainbow Quartz will now be a ‘one-stop shop' of global distribution through Redeye.”

Based in Haw River, NC, Redeye began in 1996 by focusing on the rich independent music of the southeast and providing an outlet for the Artists that made up the scene with a distribution option which allowed them access to all the major accounts located in their region.   From 2000 to 2005, Redeye was been consistently awarded Distributor of the Year (Small Division) by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM) addressing genres from the best in regional music, pop, rock, Indie rock, punk, bluegrass, country, Electronica, jazz, alternative country, blues, jazz, reggae, hip hop, techno and much more.   Redeye service s their 3,000-plus title catalog to all pertinent national accounts on a per title basis, including major chains, one-stops, online retailers and independents and has strong relations with many foreign accounts and international distributors.

Jim continues, “This is a wonderful arrangement for Rainbow Quartz and all our bands as it streamlines business and distribution beautifully.   Rainbow Quartz hasn't released an album in Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland for five years, but that will now come to an end.   Additionally, Rainbow Quartz artists will also now be exposed to audiences in Scandinavia, South Africa, South America, all of Europe, and all of the Pacific-rim countries.” (END – 346-words).

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