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Pyramind Announces Summer Recording Workshops for Teens

June 5, 2008, San Francisco, CA – Pyramind announces its Summer Recording Workshops for Teens, ages 12 to 18, from July 23 to August 16, 2008.   Today's hottest music producers have the

Pyramind Summer Workshop participants will work on the latest and greatest technologies.
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dedication, drive, and technical skill to change the industry and excite fans around the world.   From the latest remix and live album tracks to video-games and concert tours, producers face new challenges in an evolving sonic landscape.

Pyramind's Summer Recording Workshops for Teens brings young talent to the forefront of digital audio production.   Our challenging curriculum is inclusive and non-competitive, and is expertly delivered by our team of audio education professionals.   Our professional studios and production facilities provide the experience and training young producers and musicians need to get ahead of the curve.  

Pyramind's intensive four-week program gives students everything they need to take their skills and talent to the next level:

• Industry-Leading Studios and Facilities
• Current Curriculum and Latest Software
• Networking and Band Opportunities
• Award Winning Staff
• Digidesign ProTools 101 Certificate Training
• Midi Music Production using Propellerhead's Reason 4

BONUS 1:   Any band enrolling with four or more members will receive a ten percent discount and will get a chance to be recorded during the second week Band recording workshop!
BONUS 2:   Tuition credit will be given to any student from the summer program desiring to enroll in Pyramind's full time certificates.
BONUS 3:   Optional Educational Discount Gear Package to Include: ProTools LE Software with an M-Box 2 mini audio interface and an Axiom 49 Keyboard controller.


$1,495 (Includes Digidesign ProTools 101 course material regular price $150.00)
Tuition with optional Gear Package: $1,995.00

Evolving Sound in the Heart of San Francisco
Pyramind provides a safe, collaborative learning environment for all students, and is just steps from the Moscone Center and the Yerba Buena Gardens.   With convenient day-time hours, immediate access to

public transportation (MUNI, BART and Caltrain), and industry-leading facilities, Pyramind is the perfect way for teens to experience San Francisco and cultivate their audio expertise.

Summer Program Overview

Week 1: Taught by Lynda Arnold
Making beats and Midi sequencing and arranging with Propellerhead's Reason.   Work on fundamental keyboard, song writing and arranging skills.   (For all levels!)

Week 2: Taught By Jason Martinez
Band Recording Workshop: Gain valuable hands on experience learning how to mic and record a full band directly to ProTools Includes: Fundamentals of sound, Microphone Selection, Drum Micing

Pyramind Summer Workshop tuition packages are available with and without equipment-to-own.
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Techniques, Signal Flow, Use of Outboard Gear (EQ's, Compressors), Setting up headphone mixes, Setting up and labeling of your ProTools session.

Week 3: Taught by Lucas Zavala
ProTools 101 Digidesign Certified Training Receive certified training in the most broadly used recording studio software on the planet.   Get a jump on becoming a certified ProTools operator.   Digidesign course material is included!   Get hands on time in twenty-seat multi workstation lab and dig deep into the digital power of ProTools.

Week 4: Taught by Lucas Zavala and Ryan Sigman
Complete the Digidesign 101 Certified Training and learn to mix and master using the recordings done in week 2 Band Recording Workshop. Finish the series off with a group presentation and discussion of the mixes and receive your Digidesign 101 and Pyramind completion certificates!

Many of Pyramind's Summer Workshop classes will be taught by Pyramind graduates, including Lucas Zavala and Ryan Sigman.   Instructor Lynda Arnold has worked as an educator, artist, producer and promoter since moving to the Bay Area in 1999.   Trained in classical piano and flute, in 2004 she established her own label and production company Digital Bliss Productions, which promotes women producers, composers, and performers in the field of Electronic (Digital Music) production.

Instructor Jason Martinez as been recording music since he was 14 yeas old. By 17 he was the head engineer for Academy Award-winning winning motion picture sound designer Frank Serafine (Tron, Hunt for Red October, and Star Trek I & III).   Jason produced over 20 CDs for bands in his hometown of Ventura, as well as audio for television commercials and sound effects for theme park attractions.

Pyramind graduates have gone onto respected careers in sound design for broadcast, professional music production and performance, as well as electronic gaming and computer entertainment giants, such as Sony Computer Entertainment America.

For more information and to reserve your spot today email: or call 415 896.9800 x.202.   Space is limited to a maximum enrollment of twenty students!

Located in the heart of San Francisco's creative development community, Pyramind, Inc. is a leading-edge production and training facility offering interactive sound development services, and music & media production for the biggest names in screen and interactive entertainment. Pyramind's integrated approach to training and production provides education and expertise in today's working studio environment.  Pyramind works with clients to realize their professional and creative goals by providing production services and a proven curriculum that reflects evolving industry needs.

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