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Psyx Music Player App Wins Startup Innovators Challenge at

San Francisco Music Tech Summit 16  

November 14, 2014 - San Francisco, CA: Psyx Research Inc., is proud to announce that Psyx, its newly-released, and the worlds most advanced Apple iOS digital music player app, has been chosen as a winner of the Startup Innovators Challenge at the San Francisco Music Tech Summit 16, the world’s most prestigious music technology conference of its kind. (Psyx App for Android will be available in mid-December).

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Psyx dramatically recreates musical fidelity, detail, nuances, spatial separation, and articulation to all compressed, bit-starved, lifeless and flat MP3, AACS and other digital music file types. The Psyx App delivers an unmatched, spatially discrete, inspirational, and uniquely personalized listening experience by reducing listening fatigue, thereby exponentially increasing listening time and pleasure.


Psyx Research Inc. develops the worlds most advanced psychoacoustic technologies used in and licensed to satellite radio broadcasters, radio, television, digital cinema, music, gaming and consumer electronics. Now available in its first-ever consumer product and powered by a fully adaptive psychoacoustic engine, the Psyx App was developed after more than a decade of research and innovation in all areas of listening fatigue, from causes to prevention.


Compressed music causes fatigue for a number of reasons with 4 main identified areas of concern: Dynamics, Image Width, Artifact Management, and Articulation. The Psyx App was designed to measure human response to compressed audio shortcomings. Using the human psychoacoustic system as the predictor, Psyx Research has developed a real-time method of measuring and perceptually shaping compressed audio to reflect what the listener expects to, and wants to, hear.


With 50 Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS) applied to 170+ discreet psychoacoustic algorithms, the perfectly tuned Psyx App produces unrivaled performance to dramatically improve the overall quality of digital music in any environment. In addition, the power-efficient Psyx App boasts up to 18 hours of continuous playback on an Apple iOS mobile device.


Psyx’s Recursive Aural Gestalt Engine (RAGETM) allows the listener to choose, apply and listen to their music through any one of 6 included optimized EarPrint “color” profiles. Each EarPrint profile has been meticulously crafted in Psyx Research’s THX Cinema Certified 10.2 Surround Sound Theater in order to deliver optimal audio response.


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Future versions of the Psyx App will offer “Earprints” of today’s respected recording and musical artists, producers and taste-makers. Future personality and celebrity-branded EarPrints, which will be available for purchase from within the Psyx App, will allow the consumer to hear content the way that particular individual does.


The Psyx App is available for the iPhone and iPad from the Apple iTunes Stores for $4.99 at:


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About Psyx The Psyx Research Inc. team is made up of published contributors to the science of human auditory perception and have over 40 years of experience developing technologies for each stage in the ecosystem: content creation, mixing and editing, broadcasting and streaming, and consumer playback. Psyx Research Inc. addresses the digital audio market based on four core areas of proprietary innovation: Pyschoacoustics, Pre-Processing, Post Processing and Surround Sound. Pysx Research works closely with the most influential Audio Scientists, Artists, Music Producers, and Engineers in the world to ensure that their technologies deliver the absolute highest quality of experience available.