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Theatrical Phenomenon Point Break LIVE! Ends 11-Month, Sold-out Los Angeles Engagement
Production Moves to Las Vegas - Vegas Tickets On Sale Now!
Cast and Crew Reflect and Look to The Future

The entire cast of Point Break LIVE! Eve Hars, producer, seated center row.

September 17, 2008 - Theatrical phenomenon, Point Break LIVE!, which has been playing to sold out audiences for almost a year in Los Angeles, is taking on Las Vegas.   It's a big step for a little show and a great opportunity for the actors who have worked on the production as they prepare for the transition from a part time to a full time stage acting gig in Las Vegas.

"It's every actor's dream to be picked up by a show, quit your day job and get paid to just act," says Thomas Blake, who plays one of the surfer/bank robbers in Point Break LIVE!, and is also an Associate Producer.   "It's very gratifying that we all helped to get it there."

Eve Hars, whose company New Rock Theater Productions produces Point Break LIVE!, explains the decision to bring the LA cast to Vegas.   "It would have been cheaper to re-cast in Vegas, of course, but we wanted to bring the best possible show to Vegas and the LA cast is simply the best there's ever been (and the show has been in many places).   Plus, we have become a family and there is great chemistry between the actors on stage, which makes the show that much more awesome - why would we want to mess with that?   It's a huge gamble (pun intended) to go Vegas so, why not go with the winning hand."

To say it's a gamble is no exaggeration.   In a city with hundreds of shows, many of them costing tens of millions of dollars, it may seem like madness to bring an ultra lo-fi affair like Point Break LIVE!, in on a shoe-string budget.   "A shoestring?   If only we had a shoestring!," Ms. Hars quips.   "Compared to Vegas budgets, it's more like a barely visible thread.   But we've always thrived on adversity.   Everyone told us that LA isn't a theater town and it wouldn't work here, then people said that no one would go Downtown to see the show, but soon we were selling out every weekend in Downtown LA."  

For a little show trying to make it among the mega-productions and glitz of Vegas, Point Break LIVE! has gotten a lucky break in finding the V Theater, located in the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.   The V Theater is owned and operated by David Saxe, who has been producing shows for 20 years.   Entering the business at age 16 as the youngest producer in Vegas, Mr. Saxe has a keen understanding of the way Vegas works and is on the side of the small producers like New Rock Theater.   Saxe currently produces several successful shows at the V Theater and although he gets hundreds of proposals a month for new productions, something about Point Break LIVE! caught his attention.   "At first I thought, this idea is just too crazy, and then I thought, this idea is 'so crazy it just might work'.   I'm excited to have this at the V theater, and it's already generating excitement - even with people who are never excited about shows in Vegas."

The cast and producers will miss their most recent LA home, The Dragonfly rock club on Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood.   "We have produced this show in many different venues and The Dragonfly was the best experience we've had," says Ms. Hars.   "The owner, Anthony Belanger, was a fan of the show and took us in when we suddenly lost our venue.   He and everyone at the Dragonfly treated us like family and made it a really fun, welcoming place to be."  

The admiration is mutual as indicated by   Mr. Belanger's response;   "I loved having the show here at the Dragonfly.   I understand that they have to move on, but we will miss them and Point Break LIVE! will always be welcome back here any time."

LA was good to this "little show that could."   The audiences were amazingly enthusiastic in their response and eager to spread the word about the show, returning often with big groups and telling their friends to see it.   The producers, actors and crew of Point Break LIVE! would like to send a huge thanks out to the fans in LA and ask them not to become too despondent over the production's departure - after all, Point Break LIVE! will be just a few hours drive away!

"Point Break LIVE!" begins Wednesday, October 1, 2008, with performances taking place Wednesday through Saturday, at 10:00 p.m. at the V Theater, Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, 3663 Las Vegas Blvd South, Ste. 360, Las Vegas, NV 89109.   Tickets are $39 to $59 each and can be ordered at or by calling the box office at Phone: (702) 260-7200.   If not sold out, tickets are also available at the V Theater box office.