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Panoramaniacal Soundscapes, New Film Score Composer/Sound Designer Representation Firm
Above: Jay Gordon
Above: Greg Kihn
Above: Jordan Rudess
Above: Frank Serafine

December 18, 2006: Mill Valley, California - Panoramaniacal Soundscapes, a new Film Score Composer/Sound Designer Representation company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, proudly launches with a roster of four well-known and established contemporary composers and recording artists, Frank Serafine, Jordan Rudess, Jay Gordon and Greg Kihn.   All four gentlemen have extensive experience and credits in sound design and music composing and licensing for television, film, broadcast, electronic gaming, commercials and corporations.   Panoramaniacal Soundscapes was founded by Christopher Buttner, who also owns and operates entertainment and technology public relations firm

About Panoramaniacal's Talent:

Jay Gordon, lead vocalist of the Los Angeles-based alt/techno-metal band ORGY, is recognized as a leading master producer/remix composer for Billboard chart-topping major label rock bands, as well as for major Hollywood motion pictures.   Collaborating with Korn's Jonathan Davis, Jay Gordon has remixed and co-produced music, as well as lent his vocals to songs, for major motion pictures such as QUEEN OF THE DAMNED and SCREAM 3.   Jay's motion picture music creates a vividly dark, aural palette of controlled sonic chaos that accentuates and heightens the foreboding of the horror genres in which he prefers to work.   Jay's highly visual musical style is best described as Metal-Techno-Electronica meets THE MATRIX, BLADE RUNNER, and Anne Rice.

Greg Kihn, the inimitable Beserkley Records recording artist of the 1980's, is known for his chart-topping songs and MTV videos, "Jeopardy," and "The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em Like That)," from his records featuring titles based on inane puns of his name, such as Next of Kihn, Kihnspiracy, Citizen Kihn, Kihntinued, and Unkihntrollable.   Greg has a wealth of music from his 30-plus year career available for commercial license for advertising, television, radio, film and electronic entertainment.   The TV and movie industry frequently makes use of Greg's music and high-profile television appearances include the soundtrack of The Sopranos, and Greg's 1983 hit, “The Breakup Song,” was featured as a centerpiece number in the new Ed Burns feature film, The Groomsmen, released to DVD on November 14, 2006.

A prolific songwriter, Greg 'Kihntinues' (sorry, couldn't pass up that pun), to write and record original music and songs. Greg is available as a music director, contributing songwriter, and/or musical consultant for television and movie productions requiring unique, yet identifiable, classic and 80's-era, hook-laden pop/rock songs and music.

Composer Jordan Rudess, KEYBOARD MAGAZINE'S “1994's Best New Talent” (Overall Best Keyboardist category), has been an integral member of the rock band Dream Theater since 1999.   Additional side projects have included writing and recording with David Bowie, Liquid Tension Experiment, The Dregs, Jan Hammer, drummer Tony Williams, Annie Haslam's Renaissance and The Rudess Morgenstein Project featuring Dregs drummer Rod Morgenstein.   Jordan has produced eight solo CDs of lush, dynamic and conceptual instrumental music that feature his passionate musicianship and ability to quickly create complex and aurally three-dimensional arrangements.   Jordan has scored all performance music for International Magician of the Year-winner, Jeff McBride, as well as regional New York Theater Companies.

For almost 30-years, widely acclaimed film score composer and sound designer Frank Serafine has created vivid soundscapes for well-known movies, television programs and commercials, electronic games, theme parks (Disney, Busch Gardens and Six Flags), corporate clients and even the Department of Defense for Army and Navy battle simulators.   Frank's movie credits include, but are not limited to, the Academy Award-nominated TRON, the Academy Award-winning THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, STAR TREK-THE MOVIE, STAR TREK-THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK, THE ADDAMS FAMILY, VIRTUOSITY, BRAINSTORM, FIELD OF DREAMS, SHORT CIRCUIT, and LAWNMOWER MAN .

Film Studios, Electronic Game Producers and Television Production companies can hear music samples at or may request additional information, music sample CDs and film clip DVDs by contacting Christopher Buttner at email: