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TechSpa Appoints Nina Richard to the Position of "The Glue"

TechSpa announces the appointment of Nina Richard to the position of 'The Glue.'

May 25, 2007 - Winter Park, Florida - TechSpa, the number one in-demand software-programming consultancy in the systems integration industry, is proud to announce the appointment of Nina Richard to the position of 'The Glue.'   Nina joins TechSpa with over seven-years of legal, as well as commercial and residential real estate, administration and office management experience.   Nina was also a Business Management Major at the University of South Florida, and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida.    

As TechSpa continues to grow and evolve, in where TechSpa's technical staff continues to meet the challenges of the burgeoning systems integration industry, "Nina is the glue that holds TechSpa's office operations together," states company president, and Head Propeller Head, Joe Kurta.   "Nina is instrumental in managing and streamlining the procedures involving TechSpa's operations, such as project estimating, schedules, operating guidelines, invoicing, and travel arrangements."

Joe continues, "Nina has worked in some extreme, deadline and detail-oriented office environments.   She handles being thrown to the TechSpa lions as if she were placating kittens with catnip."

Joe's credo is to assign all TechSpa employees, consisting of some the most talented programming and engineering brainiacs in the systems integration industry, with titles more appropriate to their role in order to add a bit of levity, "To an otherwise incredibly sober and stoic line of work," states Joe.   Joe's title is Head Propeller Head, while other employees hold such esoteric monikers such as 'Perfectionist,' 'Control Freak,' and 'Therapeutic Technologist.'   Joe concludes, "The Glue is a title that succinctly sums up Nina's ability to keep things from falling apart, even under the most stressful of conditions."

Developing customized software for integrators, as well as educating said integrators in the latest in of DSP technologies for commercial/industrial applications is the foundation on which TechSpa was built.   TechSpa also manufacturers their own proprietary line of software control products for the systems integrator, including the Contemporary Control System for hotels, resorts, convention centers and other multi-zone facilities, and the streamlined Announcer Telephone Paging solution, a fully-customizable, multi-zone and wide area telephone paging system.

TechSpa's staff also offers services and training for Peavey MediaMatrix Legacy System, NION, Control Matrix, QSControl, AMX, Crestron, CobraNet, Alcorn-McBride, and many other products.   TechSpa's staff is fluent in databases, web applications, data and networking infrastructures, thereby allowing them to offer additional services and training in the integration of these types of systems and technologies.   TechSpa also offers integrators custom software solutions in a wealth of languages and technologies.

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