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Northern California Underwater Photographic Society ( to Present August 11, 2006 Seminar: "Creating Artificial Reefs from Decommissioned Warships in Northern California."

July 24, 2006, San Francisco, California – The Northern California Underwater Photographic Society ( proudly presents a very special seminar Friday, August 11, 2006: "Creating Artificial Reefs from Decommissioned Warships in Northern California," with Harry Wong, president, and Randy Herz of the Northern California Oceans Foundation (NCOF).   Sunken warships in Northern California waters will create new marine habitats that result in new recreational, environmental, and economic opportunities in the form of increased scuba diving and underwater photography tourism.

Warships to Reefs programs in other States, such as the offshore waters of Florida where over 400 vessels have been sunk, have been a boon to local economies.   Sunken vessels become sealife magnets, increasing the diversity of marine species in and around the sunken vessel five-fold, on average from 26 species to 123 species.   In Key Largo, Florida, and San Diego, California, the sinking of a single decommissioned naval vessel resulted in an increase of $4.5 million tourism dollars to the local economy annually, which is 10 times more than the initial one-time investment to clean and sink the vessel.

Congress has mandated and appropriated funds for the disposal of 359 decommissioned and mothballed warships, approximately 60 of which are moored at Suisun Bay, and are kept afloat at a cost of 45 to 60 million dollars annually to US taxpayers.   The Northern California Oceans Foundation proposes to create artificial reefs in Northern California's offshore waters, approximately 1 every 18-months, over the next 10 years, through the acquisition, cleaning and sinking of decommissioned naval warships.

Harry and Randy will present a multimedia program consisting of incredible underwater photography and videography from other successful artificial reef programs.   They will discuss the features and benefits of NCOF's future program and how it will impact Northern California's underwater environments, scuba divers and underwater photographers, as well as the State of California's tourism and scuba diving industries.

The Northern California Oceans Foundation seminar will take place on Friday, August 11, 2006, at 8:00 p.m.   Location - Click on next sentence for directions: New Vision United Methodist Church, 450 Chadbourne Avenue, Millbrae, CA  94030.   Cost for first-time visitors is FREE.  

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