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World-renowned Record Producer David Kershenbaum
Working with New Singer/Songwriter Melanie Dekker

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August 29 , 2006 , Sonoma County, California - Grammy Award-winning David Kershenbaum is producing the premier studio album release for Canadian singer/songwriter Melanie Dekker, on SME Records, a division of Sonoma Mountain Entertainment (SME).   Kershenbaum, who has produced such notable artists as Tracy Chapman, Joe Jackson, Duran Duran, The Jacksons, Tori Amos and New Order, is co-producing Ms. Dekker with engineer/producer Scott Church and Bill Zabit of SME.

Kershenbaum's recording artist development and production credits read like a who's-who of three decades of contemporary music history.   Among other household artist names, Kershenbaum launched Tracy Chapman with her self-titled album which sold 20 million copies and garnered six Grammy nominations, winning three including Album of the Year.

According to Kershenbaum, “Discovering and working with Melanie Dekker matches the excitement and enthusiasm I experienced with other ‘new' female artists including Tracy Chapman and Tori Amos.   I strongly feel that Melanie's originality and uniqueness at writing and performing will quickly launch her into celebrity status.   She is definitely a new artist to pay attention to.”

Ms. Dekker's CD titled Revealed was recorded at Sonoma Mountain Studio Estate ( in Sonoma County, California, with international composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Jason Nett of Vancouver, BC, playing a key role in the production.  

The willowy blonde Ms. Dekker, who hails from Vancouver, BC, has performed throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe appearing with such notable artists as Bryan Adams, Faith Hill and Ivan Neville.

“I mostly write when I feel intense with love, distraction, attraction, sadness, confusion, frustration, pain, or just plain insanity.   It feels good to be on the edge and even better to capture it musically,” states Dekker.   (END 278-words).

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Tracks from Melanie's CD, Revealed, below. Click on any title to hear the song in streaming QuickTime.

Kissed U Yet

Stare at the Rain

Wounded Soldier