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Techno/Electro/Industrial Rock Outfit Marrow Announces US Tour

August 28, 2008, San Francisco, CA:   San Francisco-based techno/electro/industrial rock outfit, Marrow, who will release its 15-track debut CD, ‘Quiet Desperation' on September 16, 2008, has announced the first two legs of their national tour.   Marrow's fusion of inalienable musicianship and technology draws inspiration from such ground-breakingly diverse and theatrical artists such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, and, as one reviewer stated, “If Annie Lennox and Freddie Mercury sang for Nine Inch Nails, produced by Aphex Twin.”

Marrow has scheduled dates in Southern California, in Long Beach, California, on September 5, with another show in Santa Monica, September 6, before heading back to the Bay Area for performance in Oakland on September 12.   On September 19, Marrow will kick of a regional east coast tour that will have the band performing in Baltimore, New York City, Philadelphia and throughout New England, from September 19 - 28, 2008.   Marrow's national tour dates are available at the band's web site,  For more info, interview requests, and additional review CDs, please contact Christopher Buttner, contact info above. (more after image jump).

From left to right, Daniel Berkman, Jeremy Fortes, Erin Fortes and David Earl.
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Marrow emerged from the remnants of the ‘house band' to San Francisco's long-running ‘surrealist-cabaret-sitcom-musical production,' SCABARET!, which featured all four Marrow members in prominent musical and performance roles; singer/synthesist Jeremy Fortes, singer Erin Fortes, singer/synthesist David Earl, and multi-instrumentalist/guitarist/electronic percussionist Daniel Berkman.   After a critically acclaimed four-year run from 2001 to 2005, the four musicians, realizing musical synergy and a shared desire for artistic evolution, created their new elite entertainment entity.   After three years of intensive song development, recording and production, Marrow eagerly anticipates the release of ‘Quiet Desperation.' Check out the video for the single 'Forgiveness.'

The launch of 'Quiet Desperation' will be backed by an aggressive internet video campaign touting Marrow's endorsement from a fictitious, and ludicrous, 'foundation for unhappiness enhancement,' 'The Society for the Advancement of Despair,' (SAD), whose tagline is 'Bliss is Ignorance.'

In an endeavor to skewer the notion that all people must adopt and maintain a constant state of forced happiness and serenity to lead fulfilling lives, 'The Society for the Advancement of Despair' wants you to be left alone to wallow in unhappiness in order to explore the depths of your discontentment, because it feels good to feel bad. Marrow's 'Quiet Desperation,' already the self-proclaimed 'feel bad album of the year,' is 'the prescription for your pain,' that will help the listener embrace their well-earned sadness.

Marrow's amalgamation of influences, including underground Industrial, Electronica, Metal, and Jazz, combine to create riveting, layered, and captivating hook-laden songs, featuring exhilarating vocal harmonies and dissonance.   Longtime, dedicated fans of SCABARET!, as well as new Marrow fans, will find that 'Quiet Desperation' provides an unparalleled remedy to any unwelcomed serenity thrust upon them by the delusionally happy influences from an otherwise ignorantly blissful society.

Marrow Tour Dates:

Sep 5 2008               8:00P             Di Piazza's, Long Beach, California

Sep 6 2008             9:30P             Rusty's Surf Ranch, Santa Monica, California

Sep 12 2008             9:00P             Stork Club, Oakland, California

Sep 19 2008             9:00P             Bedrock (Baltimore Music Conference) Baltimore, Maryland

Sep 20 2008             7:00P             The Underscore, New York, New York

Sep 21 2008             9:00P             Lucky Dog Music Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts

Sep 23 2008             8:00P             Milly's Tavern, Manchester, New Hampshire

Sep 25 2008             8:00P             Ground Zero, Suncook, New Hampshire

Sep 27 2008             8:00P             Cabaloosa's, New Paltz, New York

Sep 28 2008             9:30P             Mako's Retired Surfers Bar & Grill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Marrow is:

Daniel Berkman:
Guitars, Synthesizer,
Electronic Percussion
and Vocals

David Earl:
Samplers and
and Vocals

Erin Fortes:
Lead Vocals,
and Controllers

Jeremy Fortes:
Lead Vocals,
and Controllers

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