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Dream Theater Keyboardist Jordan Rudess Releases New Instructional DVD,

November 10, 2005 - New York, New York : Critically acclaimed keyboard artist, educator and Dream Theater band member Jordan Rudess ( is proud to announce the release of his new instructional DVD, KEYBOARD MADNESS: MASTERING LIVE PERFORMANCE.   Jordan Rudess first gained national exposure when the readers of KEYBOARD MAGAZINE voted him “1994's Best New Talent” in the Overall Best Keyboardist category after his first solo release "Listen ”.   

KEYBOARD MADNESS: MASTERING LIVE PERFORMANCE takes a deep look inside the world of live keyboard performance and shares Jordan's knowledge of what it takes to become a true keyboard master.   Jordan demonstrates an in-depth look at his unique approach to performance with DREAM THEATER using examples spanning across the entire DREAM THEATER catalog, as well as Jordan's numerous solo projects.

Enjoy watching the wizard at work, while learning how to harness the power of today's keyboard technology.   Jordan also shares his warm-up routine through a series of technical exercises that will sharpen your skills and get you ready to play.   Also included is close-up bonus footage of Jordan performing three songs from his solo album, RHYTHM OF TIME.   KEYBOARD MADNESS: MASTERING LIVE PERFORMANCE is jam-packed with two hours of pure "keyboard madness."

Since the end of 2000, Jordan has released five solo albums, including a complete CD of Christmas Music, and recorded all keyboard tracks on David Bowie's studio release, Heathen.   To date, Jordan has appeared on almost 40 CDs, including his own solo albums, DREAM THEATER CDs and DVDs and recordings by numerous other artists.   (END 245-words).

To purchase KEYBOARD MADNESS: MASTERING LIVE PERFORMANCE at $24.99 US, please visit the Jordan Rudess online store at: