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Greg Kihn Releases First Live Concert CD in 20-Years Featuring His Son, Ry Kihn, on Lead Guitar.

Greg Kihn: 1980's chart-topping recording artist and reigning San Jose FM radio morning man, recently released his first live concert CD in 20-years.
Greg Kihn's newly released live concert CD, entitled 'Greg Kihn Featuring Ry Kihn.'
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November 14, 2006, San Jose, CA - Greg Kihn, the inimitable Beserkley Records recording artist of the 1980's, known for his chart-topping songs and MTV videos, "Jeopardy," and "The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em Like That)," proudly announces the release of his new live concert CD, Greg Kihn, Featuring Ry Kihn.    Kihn's new CD is part of the Sony/BMG Extended Versions series (Sony/BMG, A688915), which is now available at Walmart, Target, Kmart, Best Buy, and other big-box stores across the country.   Greg's son, Ry, following in the family tradition with a music career of his own, handles all of the lead guitar parts on the ten blistering live tracks.  

In the years since topping the charts, Greg has reigned supreme as San Jose's leading morning man on Clear Channel's KFOX 98.5 FM Classic Rock radio with a daily listening audience that includes greater San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley.   Greg's daily five-hour radio program features live on the air musical jams with countless legendary Rock and Rollers, many, if not all, of whom have created the most memorable music of the past 40-years.   In the decade Greg has been on the air, he's bared his musical soul, history and talents to a vast and loyal listenership, establishing countless new fans by igniting - as well as reigniting - their interest in his songs and musical past.   Greg expects to syndicate his radio program as Greg Kihn's Big Rock Beat nationwide by the end of 2006.

Greg's live performance events attract tens of thousands of fans from all over the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.   Capturing the energy, power and excitement of Greg Kihn live in concert, the ten-song Greg Kihn, Featuring Ry Kihn, - Greg's first live performance CD in 20-years - was recorded in front of 20,000 fans during multiple concerts between August 2002 and July 2005.

After Ry Kihn (named in honor of Greg's favorite guitarist, Ry Cooder), graduated from Cal Arts College as a Jazz Guitar Major, he's continued to evolve into a master " guitartist, " as Greg refers to him, working on countless musical projects between San Francisco and Los Angeles.   Ry performs with his own San Francisco-based bands, his original musical project, The Ry Kihn Band , and his cover band, Big Fun .   When duty calls Ry performs in his father's band - a coveted gig and big shoes to fill.   The Greg Kihn Band's lead guitar position, during the height of Greg's musical career in the 1980's, was held by Ry's former guitar teacher, the legendary Joe Satriani.

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November 14, 2006: Greg Kihn Releases Live CD

"I started writing songs with Ry a few years ago," says Greg, the proud father, "But Ry quickly outpaced me.   Now, I would only hold him back.   His songs are phenomenal - much more sophisticated than anything I could do.   Ry's dynamic approach to the guitar and sophisticated playing style adds an entirely new dimension to the songs that old and new Greg Kihn fans will love."

Greg Kihn, Featuring Ry Kihn, features 100% live versions of Greg's hits "Jeopardy," "The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em Like That)," "Lucky," "Another Girl/Another Planet," and six other tracks.  

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