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Goddess Alchemy Project Invites Attending Press to Meet the Group at Earthdance, September 12, 2008
Cutting-Edge Fusion FemCee Crew to Announce New CD and Clothing Line

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September 11, 2008: Oakland, CA: Goddess Alchemy Project humbly invites members of the attending press to meet the group backstage after their 5-to-6:15 p.m. main stage performance at Earthdance 2008, September 12, 2008, in Laytonville, California.   The Oakland-based Goddess Alchemy Project will announce the Fall 2008 release date of their highly anticipated full-length CD, "Frequencies of the Motherland," and provide autographed pre-release copies to all members of the press.   In addition, the Goddess Alchemy Project will also present new additions to their al.KEM.y designs clothing line, which was first introduced in 2003. 

Goddess Alchemy Project is an independent arts collective fusing music, visual art and multimedia, spoken word poetry, dance, their al.KEM.y designs clothing line, and community outreach to convey sacred intention to the forefront of their artistic energy.   Goddess Alchemy Project consists of four multi-talented femcee, DJ, poet, lyricists, Celena deLphi, Dakini Star, e.Ma Luna and Nikila (mamawisdom).   Goddess Alchemy Project's music integrates elements of underground hip hop, world accents, spoken word flows, and soulful melodies, combined with ancient texts, quantum physics, ancestral roots, multi-dimensional symbology, and an all-female cipher.   The result of this equation is a new musical science they call "Open Source Soul Floetics." Integrating multimedia into their live performances, Goddess Alchemy Project's core intention is to empower the voices of artists, activists, and healers, who have sustained the project through its many phases of evolution since its inception in 2002. 

According to Goddess Alchemy Project member, Celena deLphi, "We recognize clothing as a form of media, and utilize this platform as a means for creative communication.   The success of al.KEM.y designs has funded many other works of Goddess Alchemy Project, including the production of the album, 'Frequencies of the Motherland.'   Our intention is to provide people with comfortable clothing that also communicates innovative ideas and weaves symbology with fashion."

Expanding upon their May 2007 release, "Tapestrategic WorX EP," Goddess Alchemy Project has refined a cutting-edge musical journey born of the genre-bending culture of the west coast underground.   Their crafted lyricism and haunting melodies are woven together with original music composed by some of the West Coast's finest producers, creating an unprecedented fusion of influences.

Goddess Alchemy Project will tour the west coast with Apostle and DJ Quest in early October.   Additional national tour dates for late 2008 are currently being booked, and the group will be touring internationally in Spring '09. 

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