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gilli moon, lauded Australian recording artist, and global artist community builder, with Songsalive!®,
releases sixth studio album, THE STILLNESS

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Award-winning Australian singer/songwriter, producer, and global artist community builder, with Songsalive!®, gilli moon (below), will release her sixth album, THE STILLNESS (above), on her own label, Warrior Girl Music, on June 29, 2010.
THE STILLNESS cd release party will take place at The Mint, in Los Angeles, on the evening of the same date.

August 10, 2010– Hollywood, CA – Award-winning Australian singer/songwriter, producer, and global artist community builder, with Songsalive!®, gilli moon, is proud to announce the release her sixth album, THE STILLNESS, on her own label, Warrior Girl Musicgilli’s (pronounced as with a "J"), music has been called “smart, sensitive and perceptive in a style all her own,” and her performances are called “elegant, sophisticated and revealing of the human heart,” by Music Connection Magazine.

THE STILLNESS shows the strength of gilli moon’s songwriting, her dynamic vocal range, and joy for the piano.  As a rare songwriter who “can take a song any place she wants…  singing sweet whispers one minute, and screaming rock the next,” according to Music Connection, with THE STILLNESS, gilli moon exemplifies unparalleled growth and maturity in all facets of her being and art, from soulful songwriting, to impassioned vocal delivery to graceful and captivating piano compositions. calls gilli moon, a multi-dimensional artist who also designed and painted her album cover artwork, “a dynamic performance artist who paints as brilliantly as she sings."  Billboard, who states she “beat the odds,” at making it in the music industry after emigrating from the Australian wilderness to Los Angeles, and who Artists for a Better World called “a female Elton John,” gilli moon is not only a unique, evocative and energetic chanteuse, but also has become a beacon for artists worldwide, inspired and motivated by gilli’s story and her creativity.  She is the creator of Songsalive!®, the 16,000 international member-strong songwriter and composer non-profit organization, as well as the producer, through her label Warrior Girl Music of artist albums and compilations, which provide a platform for independent artists to be heard.

gilli moon’s albums include Girl In The Moon (1998), temperamental angel (2001), Woman (2003), extraOrdinary life (2005) and Skillz (2009), the latter dedicated to empowering at-risk youth and released with L.A's celebrity spoken word/hip hop artist J. Walker.  Her prolific output lead Newsweek Magazine, in an article about successful DIY singer/songwriters, to state, “For artists like gilli moon, penning pensive ballads in her living room using nothing more than high-tech tools and good business sense, they also represent a viable path to success.”

gilli is also winner of numerous international awards, including Song of the Year by the Benelux International Song & Culture Festival; Best Popular Song by the Johnny Dennis Light Music Awards (Australian Guild of Screen Composers), Best Solo Artist (twice) at L.A’s Rock City Music Awards, and, honored as “Outstanding Contribution as an Artist” by Artists For A Better World organization.  gilli’s songs have also been featured internationally in independent films and television programs, including Nickelodeon, The WB, Disney, and CBS.

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