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September 24, 2003 – Petaluma, California - Furman Sound, Inc., is proud to introduce the new Home Theater AC Power Management Series, aka: The HT Series. The HT Series consists of four new power management products incorporating Furman Sound’s proven, professional-grade power conditioning technology re-engineered to meet the exacting needs of home theater enthusiast as well as the home theater installer/contractor. Like Furman Sound’s highly successful Reference Series Power Conditioners, Furman Sound’s new HT Series products provide uncompromising piece-of-mind, performance and protection for state-of-the art digital audio and video equipment.

All four HT Series units differ from their Professional Series siblings in two important ways. First, the sequencing outlets have been normalized for common Home Theater triggering systems such as AMX and Crestron. Second, there is no leakage or ground contamination in any of these products. This has become increasingly important as ground contamination is a root cause of reduced picture and sound quality, as well as potential damage and micro-processor freezing within the latest generation of Home Theater circuits.

Typical surge protectors may actually damage many of the latest generation of ultra-high resolution DAC’s by leaking relatively small voltage levels to ground after their surge circuits clamping dissipates. Many contractors have experienced screen or command freeze-ups, but few realize that the unit they installed to protect their system may be aiding in its intermittent failure.

These new Furman Sound HT Series Power Conditioners consist of the following models:
PL-HT - 15 amp, single rack space power conditioner and surge protector with variable dimming retractable lights.

PL-PRO HT - 20 amp, single rack space power conditioner, with a multi-stage surge protector, over/under voltage, automatic shutdown with variable dimming retractable lights.

PS-PRO HT - 20 amp, single rack space power conditioner, with multi-stage surge protector, over/under voltage, automatic shutdown with three stage programmable sequencing, and remote triggering access.

ASD-120 HT – This 120 amp, 120/240 VAC six-channel distro allows the electrician to take the AC service cord and install it into the rear of the ASD-120HT’s chassis. The service is distributed into six (6) 20 amp outlets, each individually conditioned and surge protected. Additionally, each outlet may be sequenced, and remotely triggered, as well as programmed for sequence timing and closure operation.


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