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The 13th Annual SAN FRANCISCO DRAG KING CONTEST Announced for August 16, 2008
The Biggest Drag King Competition in the World to Benefit P.A.W.S. - Pets Are Wonderful Support

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The 13th Annual San Francisco Drag King Contest has been announced for August 16, 2008, at the DNA Lounge.
Dr. Fudgie Frottage, above, 2008 SFDK Contest Master of Ceremonies.
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July 8, 2008, SAN FRANCISCO, CA – It's coming!   Big Ball holder, DragStrip Productions, is proud to announce the most climactic and orgasmic live stage show of orgiastic gender bending revelry in the history of San Francisco: The 13th Annual Drag King Contest - the biggest, girthiest, and most enduring Drag King Competition in the World.   Hard and throbbing musical productions, firm and penetrating performances, and extraordinary feats of entertainingly unbridled masculine stamina and staying power are set to explode over the wildly anticipating and engorged-to-capacity-crowd on August 16, 2008 at 8:00 p.m., at the most appropriate venue in town, the DNA Lounge.

"The San Francisco Drag King Contest is a mash-up of the Miss America Pageant, American Idol, Halloween and a Monster Truck Show," states impresario Fudgie Frottage.   “It's a huge event,” says judge, Simone DeLaGetto.   “Everyone dresses up in their finest. It's a celebration of ‘being,' not just expressing yourself as a gender — a celebration of self, of being able to go out and have a good time.   And, at the same time, there's a part that's just over-the-top cheesiness.   But the energy is so high.”

Considered "One of the most boisterous parties of the year," by the San Francisco Chronicle, it's also "Sexy, campy, dragalicious, professionally executed and full of talent," espouses the San Francisco Bay Times, and "Impressive, varied, and wild," advocates The Onion.   The San Francisco Bay Guardian affirms: "Prepare to be amazed by the variety, astounded by the veracity, and properly impressed by the figurative and literal balls on display."

Virile Virtuoso, Fudgie Frottage, "The Man with The Biggest Balls in Show Business," and Internationally Renowned Burlesque Chanteuse, Comic and Siren, The Indra, as "The Indro vs. The Indra," a bi-sexual, bi-polar, half male, half female character, return to preside over the festivities as Masters (and 1/2 Mistress) of Ceremonies.   According to last year's revues, "Both were on fire all evening," and the San Francisco Bay Times also stated, "Fudgie and Indra possess a magical chemistry and timing that ranks with the likes of George Burns and Gracie Allen meets Sonny and Cher with a bit of Three Stooges and Marx Brothers thrown in."

The star-studded event will showcase Fakin' Aiken, reigning 2007 Solo King for his impeccable Clay Aiken impersonation, The Pacmen, 2007 troupe winners for their flawlessly dazzling choreography, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, glamorous aerialist burlesque troupe, and special guest, Electro, The Pop n' lock King, San Francisco Drag King 2000 titleholder (when the contest was only 5 years old).   In addition, 'What-the-F*ckabilly Band,' The Mighty Slim Pickins, will also perform, and - as always - the gender bending contestants will be the center of attention.

Contestants are judged on talent, creativity, studliness, sex appeal, originality, humor, make-up/facial hair, and fashion by the illustrious panel of nationally known celebrity judges, including 2006 Drag King Titleholder, Buck Naked, Simone DeLaGetto of Harlem Shake Burlesque, and Sister Roma of The Tim and Roma Show and Hot House Video.

Jay Walker, SF Drag King 2005 and Mr. Trannyshack 2004, adds, “If you can get the audience going and people are really engaged by your number, that says so much more than facial hair, or passing ability, or any of that stuff.   Creativity, good production, and pushing the edge of what we've already seen, that's what makes this the best show in San Francisco."

The 13th Annual SF Drag King Contest

Sponsors: Vixen Creations, Buck Angel, Glama-Rama, Black & Blue Tattoo, Good Vibrations, Costumes on Haight, Mr. S. Leather, Pretzel's Yoga, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, and the Center for Sex and Culture.