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Hotmixology, The Fox Business Network's 'Tour de Booze,'
Awards The Viewer's Choice 2010 Gold Medal to Love Potion #9®

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Dave Elger, below, host of the Fox Business Network's 'Hotmixology', calls Love Potion #9® "one of the most mixable, versatile and best tasting spirit products I have found in a long time."

Love Potion #9® is available in 50ml, 375ml and 750ml sizes.

February 9, 2011 - Morganville, NJ - Looking for unique Valentine's Day gift ideas?  Look no further.  Love Potion #9® has been awarded the Hotmixology 2010 Viewer's Choice Gold Medal for Best LiqueurLove Potion #9®, produced by CMSC Spirits, is a 60-proof, incredibly smooth, infinitely-mixable, no grain alcohol  (30% pure sugarcane alcohol) 'distilled spirits specialty' that was developed over the course of five years and almost 1,800 trial-and-error formulations before its blend of 20 exotic tropical fruit flavors, including mango, peach, chocolate, vanilla, pear, apple, cherry, almond and many others, was perfected. Love Potion #9® will be on display at the 2011 Nightclub and Bar Expo, Las Vegas Convention Center, March 8 & 9, 2011, Booth 1400E in the Hotmixology Pavilion.

Hotmixology, which recently broadcast its 60th original weekly episode, is the Fox Business Network's high-energy "tour de booze," hosted by renowned spirits expert Dave Elger.  Watched by over 3 million people and shot on location at iconic bars and restaurants across the nation, Hotmixology reveals how great liquor is made, the hot new brands, and the world's best bartenders redefining the art of cocktail mixology.

According to Elger, "I have enjoyed Love Potion #9® since discovering it at the Wine and Spirits Wholesales Expo.  I've played with it in all kinds of cocktails and it's definitely one of the most mixable, versatile and best tasting spirit products I have found in a long time, not just for cocktails, but also for cooking.  Time-and-time again, Love Potion #9® comes through as a show favorite for creative cocktails.  Additionally, I love the people behind the product and their passion for creating such a unique spirit."

Sweet, very complex, delightfully aromatic, and infinitely mixable, Love Potion #9® can be enjoyed straight like brandy, on the rocks or added to cocktails where its flavor blends with and accentuates fruit juices, mixers, sodas, and, especially, other spirits, including Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Whiskey, and even cream liqueurs.  Love Potion #9® can be added to classic cocktails, like a Mojito, Margarita, Piña Colada, Daiquiri, Martini, Cosmo, or Rum-and-Coke, and it can also be used as the base spirit for countless new and exciting cocktail recipes.  Love Potion #9® also opens up unlimited opportunities for dishes prepared in the kitchen, including appetizers, soups, entrees, baked goods, and it's marvelous over ice cream and frozen desserts. 

Since everyday is a special day in someone's life, Love Potion #9® is quickly becoming the de facto Valentine's Day, Wedding, Anniversary, Engagement, Christmas, and Birthday gift.

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For more info, please contact Christopher Buttner, contact info above.