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Love Potion #9®: Chef Steve Farley's Secret Ingredient at Artisan's Brewery and Italian Grill

March 14, 2011 - Toms River, NJ - Chef Steve Farley, of Artisan's Brewery and Italian Grill, has a secret ingredient for many of his exquisite recipes, and while most Chefs keep their secret ingredients closely guarded secrets, Farley is willing to divulge.  It's Love Potion #9®.

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Chef Steve Farley, of Artisan's Brewery and Italian Grill, has a secret ingredient for many of his exquisite recipes, and while most Chefs keep their secret ingredients closely guarded secrets, Farley is willing to divulge.  It's Love Potion #9®.
Love Potion #9® is available in 50ml, 375ml and 750ml sizes.


Chef Steve has been adding the exotic and mysterious 60-proof, incredibly smooth, infinitely-mixable, no grain alcohol  (30% pure sugarcane alcohol) 'distilled spirits specialty' to many of Artisan's cocktails, savory and dessert recipes since the product was introduced statewide by its bottler, CMSC Spirits of Morganville, New Jersey, in the spring of 2009.  To say that his customers are "Feeling the Love" would be an understatement, as they're coming back again-and-again to try the many delicious offerings in where he uses the captivating elixir.


Love Potion #9®, which was recently awarded the Hotmixology 2010 Viewer's Choice Gold Medal for Best Liqueur, first made appearances in several of Chef Steve's cocktail recipes, including Artisan's very unique Sangria, Martinis and Cosmos, all of which quickly remain big hits and menu mainstays.  What's his favorite? 


Chef Steve states, "Artisan's Mojito, which we call the LovePojito, sold fantastically well as soon as we put it on the menu."


The LovePojito consists of Rum, Love Potion #9®, mint, and fresh limes, with a Mango simple-syrup, as opposed a plain simple-syrup, topped off with soda.


Chef Steve continues, "Love Potion #9® is a very unique spirit and, since no one was familiar with it, everyone had to try it.  The LovePojito is a very successful refreshing cocktail, with a great depth of tropical Caribbean flavor and flair from the Love Potion #9®, adding an amazing twist on a classic drink."


When it comes to savory recipes, Chef Steve discusses several of his favorites.  Among them?  Duck and Scallops. 


"Love Potion #9® pairs very well with Duck," Chef Steve states.  "A reduction sauce of Love Potion #9® cuts through with earthy spices to accentuate the gamier richness of duck with a sweetness that, I think, duck always needs.  Especially when used in a rich duck or veal stock; it makes a beautiful sauce."


For his prized pan-seared scallops, they're brushed with a reduction of Love Potion #9® to create a beautifully caramelized and delicious barbeque-style sauce glaze that's not soon to be forgotten.  Another favorite is his potato and pulled pork-stuffed perogies with a Love Potion #9® drizzle glaze.


And for dessert, the Love Potion #9®-infused classic Italian Panna cotta also features a Love Potion #9®-infused tropical fruit compote topping of mango, papaya, and peaches, making for a great summertime dessert. 


When asked, 'what advice would you impart on someone to add some mystery and mystique to their cooking with Love Potion #9?,' Chef Steve replies, "The dessert and cocktail options are simply endless, and for savory recipes, Love Potion #9® really brings it on for a wide variety of dishes, really shining with game, such as venison and  ostrich.  The really rich meats match the sweet, spicy and fruity deliciousness of Love Potion #9® unlike anything I've ever tried."


Love Potion #9®, produced by CMSC Spirits, was developed over the course of five years and almost 1,800 trial-and-error formulations before its blend of 20 exotic tropical fruit flavors, including mango, peach, chocolate, vanilla, pear, apple, cherry, almond and many others, was perfected.  Sweet, very complex, delightfully aromatic, and infinitely mixable, Love Potion #9® can be enjoyed straight like brandy, on the rocks or added to cocktails where its flavor blends with and accentuates fruit juices, mixers, sodas, and, especially, other spirits, including Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Whiskey, and even cream liqueurs.  Love Potion #9® can be added to classic cocktails, like a Mojito, Margarita, Piña Colada, Daiquiri, Martini, Cosmo, or Rum-and-Coke, and it can also be used as the base spirit for countless new and exciting cocktail recipes.  Love Potion #9® also opens up unlimited opportunities for dishes prepared in the kitchen, including appetizers, soups, entrees, baked goods, and it's marvelous over ice cream and frozen desserts.


Since everyday is a special day in someone's life, Love Potion #9® is quickly becoming the de facto Valentine's Day, Wedding, Anniversary, Engagement, Christmas, and Birthday gift.  To find a resller near you, please visit:


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