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  CMSC Spirits Group Signs Liquor Group for Florida Distribution of
Espiritu del Ecuador® and the Spirit of Liberty® Liqueurs

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Espiritu del Ecuador® is a unique cordial liqueur blended from a combination of 20 exotic fruits native to Ecuador.
The Spirit of Liberty® is a unique 36-proof blend of America's aromas and flavors that include hints of bourbon, apples, cherries and more.

December 17, 2008 – Monmouth County, NJ CMSC Spirits Group, Inc ., proudly announces that the Liquor Group will distribute Espiritu del Ecuador cordial liqueur and the award-winning cream liqueur, The Spirit of Liberty® America's Cream Liqueur, in the state of Florida.   The publicly owned Liquor Group, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and related privately owned distribution companies, is one of the industry's most successful international distribution organizations specializing in spirits products.

CMSC Spirits Group re-launched their product lines earlier in 2008, under new management and has since secured distribution in seven states including Texas, Nevada and California, as well as numerous duty-free shops across the nation and the Caribbean.   Securing distribution in Florida through the Liquor Group opens up CMSC's products to significantly large, lucrative, vertical and broad market segments, including the vast Latin market for Espiritu del Ecuador, considered Ecuador's number one selling distilled spirit product.

Lowell Newman, Liquor Group's National Brand Manager, states, “As a dynamic creator and marketer of innovative fine distilled spirits, both of which that combine exclusive impulse packaging with high quality, fabulous flavor experiences, we're pleased to add CMSC's profitable products to our cordials and liqueurs segment.   Additionally, we're very excited about a new and innovative CMSC Spirits Group product that is scheduled for release in Q1 of 2009.”   

Tina LoBosco, President of CMSC Spirits Group states, “Since Liquor Group's dynamic business model and growth trajectory parallels that of CMSC Spirits Group, we anticipate strong and diverse brand awareness and sales development in short order.   Our Florida State Sales Manager, Mitchell Weiss, will be instrumental in supporting the Liquor Group's efforts as we enter this new and exciting market.”  

Espiritu del Ecuador is a unique cordial liqueur blended from a combination of 20 exotic fruits native to Ecuador, including mango, peach, chocolate, vanilla, pear, apple, cherry, almond and many others.   Sweet, very complex, delightfully aromatic, and infinitely mixable, this ‘distilled spirits specialty' can satisfy almost any palate.   Delicately blended and balanced so that no one fruit dominates, Espiritu del Ecuador is a unique and unpredictable liqueur that not only tastes different every time, but brings out passion and romance.

America's Cream Liqueur, The Spirit of Liberty, the Silver Medal winner of the 2006 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, is a unique 36-proof blend of America's aromas and flavors that include hints of bourbon, apples, cherries and more.   Its subtle combination of flavors work in harmony to deliver an exceptional taste experience that allows drinkers to savor the flavors they like the most.   Additionally, The Spirit of Liberty blends smoothly with coffee, foods and desserts, or it can be enjoyed straight up, on the rocks or in a chocolate martini.  

Both products share the uniqueness of their beautiful, copyrighted, and easily recognized decanters shaped like famous monuments from North and South America.   Apart from Espiritu del Ecuador's unique flavor, the bottle that holds this golden liquid is a unique, laser-etched 750ml glass decanter shaped like "The Monument at the Middle of the World."   This widely visited monument marks the line of the equator at latitude 0'00, a few miles north of Quito, the Capital of Ecuador, where Espiritu del Ecuador is manufactured.  

America's Cream Liqueur, The Spirit of Liberty, is proudly presented in a beautiful decanter, a replica of the Statue of Liberty.   Because of its unique decanter, The Spirit of Liberty is one of the fastest selling liqueurs in the Duty Free Shops at New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport.

There are two collectable Statue of Liberty bottle sizes, the 9-inch tall 100ml, and the 17.5-inch tall 750ml, as well as an easy-pour 750ml round bottle for bars and restaurants.   The Spirit of Liberty® America's Cream Liqueur is available in a gift set consisting of one 100ml Statue Bottle and one 750ml easy-pour bottle in plastic clamshell packaging, which are incredibly fast selling retail and duty-free products.   Espiritu del Ecuador is also available in 50ml plastic airline type bottles.

For more info, please visit: or contact Mitchell Weiss, Florida State Sales Manager, CMSC Spirits Group, at  or tel: 813-335-7351.

Florida retailers and resellers may contact the Liquor Group t hrough their web site at