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America's Cream Liqueur, The Spirit of Liberty, Sponsors History Channel Documentary Premier
Public Screening will be Held aboard Historic Liberty Ship, SS Jeremiah O'Brien, June 17, 2008

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The SS Jeremiah O'Brien, above, is featured in Hero Ships, a new documentary series from the History Channel.
America's Cream Liqueur, The Spirit of Liberty®, will be served during the public premiere of Hero Ships: SS Jeremiah O'Brien, June 17, 2008.
In addition, Espiritu Del Ecuador will also be served during the public premiere of Hero Ships: SS Jeremiah O'Brien, June 17, 2008.

June 16, 2008, San Francisco, CA - America's Cream Liqueur, produced by the CMSC Spirits Group, Inc., proudly sponsors the public premiere of the new History Channel series, Hero Ships: SS Jeremiah O'Brien, June 17, 2008, aboard the SS Jeremiah O'Brien, moored at Pier 45, Fisherman's Wharf. Of the 13 naval vessels featured in the Hero Ships series, the O'Brien is the world's oldest, fully functional and most historically accurate World War II vessel still in Coast Guard-approved operation.   The event, starting with a 5:30pm reception, will include tours of the World War II ship including her vintage engine room (featured in the film Titanic) and culminate with a screening of the film.   CMSC's Spirit of Liberty, as well as Espiritu Del Ecuador Liqueur, will be served during the reception.  

The premiere of Hero Ships kicks off a week of festivities in honor of the 65th Anniversary of the O'Brien's June 19, 1943 launch.   Scheduled events include a parade of ships, an honor guard, and visiting dignitaries from the branches of the armed forces, as well as state, local and federal government, on June 19, and a Bay Cruise on June 21.

CMSC's participation in the O'Brien's Anniversary events will be integral to the O'Brien's marketing campaign, which is designed to raise more than 1 million dollars for repair work required in 2009 in order to keep her seaworthy and open to the public.   The S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien funds itself through ticket sales, themed San Francisco Bay cruises, as well as rentals for special and corporate events, convention after-parties, film, TV and photography productions, team building events, custom themed cruises, weddings and more.

The S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien segment of the 13-part Hero Ships series will detail how she and her 2,570 identical sister Liberty Ships, provided the much needed supplies, food, and munitions to US Troops and the Allies in order to defeat Hitler's armies.  

The S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien made four harrowing Atlantic crossings and eleven Normandy D-Day landings during World War II, as well as service in the Pacific Theater and Indian Ocean.   Mothballed in 1946, she was laid up for 33-years before she was taken over in 1979 to be restored.   After countless thousands of hours of restoration work, the O'Brien is now a living National Monument on the National Register as a historic object and museum dedicated to the men and women who both built and sailed the ships of the U.S. Merchant Marine in WWII.   The S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien proudly returned to Normandy as part of the 50th Anniversary of the Normandy D-Day Celebrations in 1994, as the only large ship left of the original 6,939-ship armada.

The Spirit of Liberty® is a unique 36-proof blend of America's aromas and flavors that include hints of bourbon, apples, cherries and more. With a higher alcohol content and a 1/3 less calories, the Spirit of Liberty® is smoother and lighter than the nation's leading cream liqueur, without the typical pasty aftertaste of conventional creams.   Additionally, The Spirit of Liberty® blends smoothly with coffee, foods and desserts, or it can be enjoyed straight up, on the rocks or in your favorite chocolate martini.

The Spirit of Liberty® is easily recognizable in its beautiful Statue of Liberty decanter.   Because of its unique decanter, this winner of the 2006 World Spirits Competition Silver Medal is also one of the fastest selling liqueurs in the Duty Free Shops at New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport.

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