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Barix Technology Begins Shipping FREE Command Cubes Media Jukebox(TM) Software with Their Audio-Over-IP Distribution Products.
Barix Technology and Command Cubes Media Jukebox software turns any PC into a high-tech, multi-zone, touch screen-friendly jukebox system.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2005.   Zurich, Switzerland - Barix Technology AG, a leading manufacturer of standalone voice, music and data over IP solutions for commercial and residential applications, is proud to announce that it has begun shipping FREE Command Cubes Media Jukebox(TM) software with its Exstreamer family of multi-zone MP3 player products.   Combining Barix Exstreamer standalone streaming audio components with the Command Cubes Media Jukebox software, users can quickly and easily set-up multi-channel distributed sound systems in their home or business that permits users to simultaneously listen to and mange different music in numerous zones, all from a single PC-based music library.   Audio distribution is handled over standard wired or wireless Ethernet network infrastructure once the Barix components are quickly and easily installed into the network.

Command Cubes Media Jukebox from Media Solutions (above), free with the purchase of certain models of Barix Exstreamer multi-zone MP3 player products.
The Barix Exstreamer Digital includes a free copy of Command Cubes Media Jukebox.
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The Barix Technology Exstreamer family of products, consisting of the Exstreamer (standard)*, Exstreamer Digital, Exstreamer Gold, and Exstreamer Wireless are intelligent network-based MP3 converter/players that effortlessly extract digital audio from an IP network, converting it into music or voice for playback over distributed sound systems in both residential or commercial applications.   The counterpart to the Exstreamer is the Instreamer, an intelligent MP3 encoder that converts analog and digital audio into the MP3 format for transmittal over IP networks.   Exstreamer and Instreamer products communicate over a standard network connection (10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet) with PCs, digital audio servers and internet radio stations with intuitive control from standard web browsers (PC, Palm, as well as Command Cube), or the Barix IR Remote Control Kit for the Exstreamer, which permits total wireless control of multi-zone audio systems.

The brilliance of the newly developed Command Cubes Media Jukebox software is that it automatically detects all of the aforementioned multi-zone, 'plug-and-play' Barix IP audio hardware components on an IP Network, thereby eliminating prolonged and arduous network programming.   Large and small-scale Barix IP networks can be set-up and operational in the fraction of the time of competitive IP Network products, thereby offering significant installation and programming cost savings.   Once the Barix devices are detected on the IP network, Command Cubes Media Jukebox allows the user to select MP3 songs from their PC jukebox and route the music to specific or multiple distributed Exstreamer devices for playback in specified audio zones.

Extremely user-friendly and easy-to-manage, Command Cube Media Jukebox software allows the user to organize music collections of up to 50,000 songs into numerous categories with its intuitive song list editor.   Other features include touch screen, wireless tablet pc, and infrared remote control compatibility, audio and video file support, multiple sound card capability, custom party mode security, random play filters, alarm clock and scheduling, and internet radio station support.   Additionally, Command Cube Media Jukebox allows remote access of the master music library from multiple PC's.

According to Barix Business Development / Project Manager, Terry Kraft, "Command Cube Media Jukebox software allows increased flexibility and ease-of-use from Barix Technology's intuitive Exstreamer family of products.   Pairing Command Cube Media Jukebox software with Exstreamer products offers both commercial and residential customers a more user friendly and cost-effective approach to installing elaborate multi-zone audio distribution systems compared to all other options."

*Purchasers of Gold, Digital and Wireless Exstreamer, as well as Instreamer, units receive a full, license-free Command Cube Media Jukebox software application, while purchasers of the Exstreamer (standard) receive limited version that permits control of music libraries up to 1,000-songs.   (END. 547-WORDS).

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Barix Technology AG is a leading Zurich, Switzerland-based manufacturer of innovative, IP-enabled network interface devices for commercial and residential automation, security, and remote control and data collection systems applications.   Barix Technology's programmable components feature device-level intelligence and are used worldwide to distribute audio, monitor sensors, and control devices via standard IP-based networks. For more information, visit .