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BandCrashers Launches Online Streaming Video Entertainment Service with Unparalleled Content Monetization Capabilities
Neon Trees, Matisyahu, and Fictionist Prove Platform’s Dynamic Capabilities

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Matisyahu, above.
Neon Trees, above.
Fictionist, above.
Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess and his Musical Mind Meld, with drum great Marco Minnemann, takes place on the BandCrashers platform December 15, 2010

December 13, 2010, Highland, UT -  has launched the first-ever interactive streaming video entertainment and content marketing, merchandising and monetization platform.  BandCrashers is an innovative and intuitive entertainment content delivery system that is designed to put the fan directly in the middle of any kind of live or prerecorded multi-camera event, concert and/or performance. Most importantly, BandCrashers offers infinite content monetization potential through deep social media platform integration capabilities, such as posts, chats, feeds and widgets on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, and others.

Every participant involved in BandCrashers distributed content, from band, management, marketer, channel host, to corporate sponsor, generates partnership revenue through per-event purchases, affiliate programming and advertising, digital download, product and event ticket merchandising, national and local advertising programs, White Label branding solutions that eliminates third-party distractions, as well as peak hour bid advertising capabilities.

BandCrashers is designed around an all-inclusive, fully customizable entertainment-meets-integrated merchandising user interface.  The streaming video aspect of the user interface offers complete real-time editing, switching and viewing control of five channels of high-def video with complete DVR functionality on all live and archived content.  Long-term engagement is assured as users create the show they want to see, as every event becomes as unique as its viewer.  While the fan experiences the show from “every seat in the venue” or from the point-of-view of every performer on stage, they’re always within one mouse-click of fully-integrated product merchandising that never distracts from the core entertainment content.  In addition, integrated real-time chat allows fans from around the world to communicate with each other as the event is happening. 

The fully embeddable BandCrashers platform seamlessly integrates into any website offering fans a familiar, personalized and localized environment around the BandCrashers UI.  Radio stations, corporations, promoters, bands, broadcast entities – anyone – can embed BandCrashers into their website and custom design their own branded skin around the BandCrasher UI to promote and improve monetization of local advertising, merchandising, downloadable product, and more.

According to BandCrashers creator and company founder, John Buckner, “BandCrashers is the new model in fan engagement, entertainment marketing and merchandising and I am confident it’s going to change everything.  Through infinite monetization programs, BandCrashers is a one-stop conduit for bands and brands to reach a larger fan base and new customers respectively and simultaneously.  For a decade, the music industry has been seeking a new method to make music lucrative again.  The BandCrashers model was not designed just as a platform for major bands and corporate clients.  It was designed with the indie band in mind, all of whom are constantly seeking new methods to expand their fan base.  Using the BandCrashers platform they can now generate increased income from their art through a multitude of revenue sharing partnership programs, including, but not limited to, Benchmarking, product merchandising, and downloadable music sales.” 

Several leading recording acts have evaluated the BandCrashers platform with impressive results, including Neon Trees (watch FREE now:, Matisyahu (watch archive for $2.99:, and Fictionist (watch FREE now:  

BandCrashers will also present “The Musical Mind Meld” on December 15; the avant-garde fusion super group featuring Dream Theater’s keyboardist Jordan Rudess, drum great Marco Minnemann and guitarist extraordinaire Daniel Jakubovic.  Fans can watch the live two-hour performance at either of the following websites for only $4.99. and

In January 2011, BandCrashers will release its FREE iPad app through the iTunes App Store.

For additional information or to arrange interviews with John Buckner, please contact Christopher Buttner, above.