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Chris Austria feeding a Bengal Tiger.
Chris Austria lounging with White and Bengal Tigers.
Chris Austria lounges wtih three White Tigers.
Christopher Buttner, President of

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Christopher Buttner

Bay Area Tiger Trainer Thrust into National Spotlight in Wake of Animal Attacks
News Program Appearances Lead to Development Offers
Marin-based Publicist Credited for Successful Strategies and Exposure

January 14, 2008 – San Francisco, CA - Chris Austria has found himself thrust into a national spotlight in the wake of an attack by an escaped Siberian Tiger at the San Francisco Zoo that left a young man dead and his two friends severely injured and under investigation for allegedly taunting the big cat into a hyper aggressive state.   Austria, a highly experienced former professional, now consulting, Tiger Trainer has found himself fielding and fulfilling offers for commentary from national news programs since the Christmas Day attack.   In addition, Austria is starting to receive television development and production consulting offers that will explore or draw from his 13-years of experience raising and training hawks, lions, tigers, pumas, Siegfried and Roy's White Lion cubs, and his other work with polar and spectacled bears, and coyotes.

The intelligent and articulate Austria credits San Francisco Bay Area entertainment industry publicist Christopher Buttner, President of, for assisting him with the promotion, publicity, and presentation skills that have helped quickly propel Austria to the status of the San Francisco Bay Area's newest and most in-demand exotic animal authority.   Since additional animal escape incidents have beset the San Francisco Zoo, including a Polar Bear escape attempt on January 3, 2008, and a Snow Leopard escape attempt on January 10, 2008, Austria has begun to receive even more commentary requests.

Austria and Buttner met in November 2007 when Buttner returned as a popular guest lecturer to San Francisco State University's “Publicity as a Profession” course, part of the College of Extended Learning's Music/Recording Business Program, where Austria was enrolled.   Austria, who switched careers in 2004, is now a full-time music publisher with Goodnight Kiss Music, a nationally recognized music placement company for film and television productions.   Austria also operates Wild Tiger Productions, his start-up film and television score production company based in Oakland.   His original music, which he hopes to place in wildlife documentaries, is part of what Austria states is, “My life mission to teach the public about the true nature of tigers and contribute to their protection as an endangered species in the wild.”

Austria's new found success as a commentator comes in part from implementing Buttner's commonsense approach to publicity.   Austria says, “Being respectful and considerate of everyone's involvement in this tragic event is paramount, from the victim and his family, the zoo, the authorities as they carefully investigate the case, the creatures and animal rights groups that want better protection and care of these endangered animals, and the media outlets that vie for my time.   Part of what I've learned from Mr. Buttner is professionalism and preparedness are critical to creating a coherent message that will reach and benefit the widest possible audience.   The fact that I'm continually being approached by so many news outlets for my professional opinion, and now production companies that want to develop a television program with or about me, is proof positive that Buttner's strategies work.”

Buttner's boasts a diversified client list consisting of leading Bay Area entertainment institutions, including San Jose's #1 FM morning radio personality and 80's rocker Greg Kihn, The National Liberty Ship Memorial S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien, Paul Nathan's Dark Kabaret, and the legendary Perry Mann's Exotic Erotic Ball.   Founded in 1994, has also “pimped,” as Buttner humorously quips, some of the biggest names in the entertainment technology industry, such as musical instrument and recording equipment giants Peavey Electronics and Mackie Designs.   Buttner has also had the good fortune to work with members of, or represent, the biggest bands in the world, including Kid Rock, Rush, Van Halen, Sting, Matchbox 20, Dream Theater, and Orgy, to name just a few.   The Mill Valley-based was featured in PRWeek Magazine, the publicity industry's leading trade publication, in July 2007 for its innovative campaign strategies.

Buttner also operates Panoramaniacal Soundscapes, a talent agency that represents film, TV and video game sound designers and score composers.   Austria concludes, “To say that our meeting was very providential and potentially very beneficial to our respective careers is an understatement.”   Visit: 

For more info or to arrange an interview with Chris Austria or Christopher Buttner, please contact: Christopher Buttner, President, at 415-302-0839 or email:


Chris Austria lounging with a Bengal tiger and a cub.
Chris Austria training a White Tiger to 'hit.'
Chris Austria using low fat milk to train a White Tiger.
Chris Austria with a White Tiger Cub.
The most dangerous job of all, Picture above left and right, Chris Austria assists a male and female tiger copulate. Chris is actually assisting the male tiger by holding the male's erect penis and inserting it in the female's vagina.
Chris Austria lounging with a White Tiger.
Chirs Austria walking a Bengal Tiger.