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TechSpa Offers Certified Peavey MediaMatrix Legacy Training Classes

July 12, 2006 – Winter Park, Florida – TechSpa, the number one, in-demand software-programming consultancy in the systems integration industry, is proud to announce it now offers Peavey Electronics-certified MediaMatrix Legacy System Training Classes.   TechSpa recently completed MediaMatrix Legacy System Training Classes with technical personnel with Walt Disney World Florida, the Florida House of Representatives, Disney Hong Kong, and the Canadian Government.

Peavey has discontinued Fundamentals of MediaMatrix and Advanced MediaMatrix training with the introduction of their new NION system, but has authorized TechSpa to offer Legacy System training for personnel that continue to rely upon the over 2,500 active MediaMatrix Legacy Systems still in worldwide use today.   In addition, TechSpa also offers a Peavey MediaMatrix Maintenance Class suited for those individuals who don't require design and programming instruction, but do require savvy maintenance techniques and skills.

TechSpa's Peavey MediaMatrix Legacy Training classes are typically only one or two days in length and are customized and streamlined to suit the individual needs of the client specifically for their installed MediaMatrix Legacy System.   Classes include the creation of a customized syllabus, along with additional customized, application-specific reference materials including ‘trouble shooting guides,' ‘checklists,' and ‘annual maintenance schedules.'   For Advanced MediaMatrix participants, TechSpa also provides textbooks on networking protocols and script programming.   Completion of TechSpa's Peavey MediaMatrix Legacy Training puts the class participant on record with Peavey Electronics as professionally certified in MediaMatrix.

TechSpa's Peavey MediaMatrix Legacy Training Classes are led by Joe Kurta, the former Peavey Electronics MediaMatrix Director of Education and the lead instructor for Peavey's MediaMatrix Fundamentals and Advanced classes from 2000 to 2004.   Prior to joining Peavey, Joe honed his MediaMatrix skills at Walt Disney World working on over 50 international Disney projects including the two Disney cruise ships and numerous Disney theme parks between 1996 to 2000.   During his tenure with Peavey, Joe conducted approximately 50 MediaMatrix courses in the United States and abroad, educating between 600 to 800 consultants and contractors before founding TechSpa.   In addition, Joe has been involved in the design and installation of almost 200 MediaMatrix, Soundweb, LCS, AMX and Crestron systems.  

In addition to being highly skilled in Peavey MediaMatrix Legacy System Training, TechSpa personnel are also fluent in NION, Control Matrix, QSControl, LCS, AMX, CobraNet, Alcorn-McBride, and Crestron products as well as databases, web application, data and audio networking infrastructures, thereby allowing them to offer additional training in how to integrate these types of systems and technologies.   TechSpa also offers integrators custom software solutions in a wealth of languages and technologies.

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