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TechSpa Introduces Low-Cost, Plug-and-Play Background Music DSP Control System for Hotels, Resorts and Multi-Zone Facilities

Above: The Contemporary Control System Output Screen.
Above: The Contemporary Control System Presets Screen.
Above: Contemporary Control System Meters Screen.
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September 29, 2006 - Winter Park, Florida – TechSpa, the number one in-demand software-programming consultancy in the systems integration industry, is proud to introduce the Contemporary Control System for hotels, resorts, convention centers and other multi-zone facilities.   The Contemporary Control System is a low-cost, plug-and-play alternative to Background music control systems where traditional control systems would be overkill, in both technology and price, for the application.   On average, the Contemporary Control System can save the system integrator up to 60% over other systems without sacrificing control features and processing power.  

TechSpa developed the Contemporary Control System to operate user functions for multi-zone background music systems using an intuitive GUI on an ‘off-the-shelf' touch-screen computer.   The Contemporary Control System is designed modularly for compatibility with most modern DSP engines on the market including, but not limited to QSC's Basis and RAVE, BiAmp's Audia, SoundWeb, and Peavey's MediaMatrix and NION, with surprisingly little configuration time.

The simplicity of the control system is derived partly from the expandable control feature sets, which can be customized for any specific application by TechSpa technicians prior to installation and expandable thereafter by the integrator.   TechSpa's Contemporary Control System also features room combining, paging, telephone paging and TechSpa's proprietary Butler engine that ‘serves up events on your schedule.'   In essence, Butler controls event scheduling for every aspect of the system, including automated source muting, volume adjustments, room combining, message playback, system reset and more.   The Contemporary Control System is fully compatible with a wide range of wall-mounted control panels and the entire system can be controlled wirelessly.

TechSpa can configure and ship the Contemporary Control System as a standalone software package, or installed on a Tablet PC, Touch Computer or rack-mount server so the integrator doesn't have to waste time installing software.   The system is infinitely expandable; so, the facility can add as many software clients as required to suit the application

To save the integrator time and additional expense, each Contemporary Control System is configured for its application by TechSpa personnel per the integrators specific instructions.   Most orders for the Contemporary DSP Background Music Control System can ship in as little as one week from date of order.

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